Transfers Valorant

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
09.06.2022 Bgg
Russian FederationBgg Boev Vladislav WAVE WAVE
09.06.2022 Click
GermanyClick Haydem Ali WAVE WAVE
08.06.2022 Magnum
Czech RepublicMagnum Martin Peňkov FNC KOI
08.06.2022 Shrew
SwedenShrew Gabriel Gessle KOI KOI
08.06.2022 reazy
Turkeyreazy Kaan Urpek AUR REG
08.06.2022 p0wa77
Turkeyp0wa77 Ozkan Arslanturk FUT S2G
04.06.2022 vity
Spainvity Victor Medina Iglesias BTS BTS
04.06.2022 v0rwenn
Spainv0rwenn Tomas Baldrich SSP BTS
03.06.2022 nephh
Singaporenephh Marcus Tan LZ GG
03.06.2022 Freyr
SingaporeFreyr Ingram Tan LZ GG
03.06.2022 artn
Singaporeartn Ayrton Soh LZ GG
03.06.2022 STYRON
SingaporeSTYRON Tidus Goh LZ GG
03.06.2022 dzii
Singaporedzii Daven Cheong LZ GG
03.06.2022 L1NK
United KingdomL1NK Travis Mendoza TL TL
03.06.2022 F4INT
GermanyF4INT Lisa Heinsch Peeposhy AT Oni
03.06.2022 Blossom
GermanyBlossom Evi Sutter Peeposhy AT Oni
03.06.2022 eren
Germanyeren ESC ESC
02.06.2022 avez
Egyptavez Hazem Khaled RAAD RAAD
02.06.2022 ralle
Swedenralle Rasmus Berggren D4 ZTA
02.06.2022 TiGG
United StatesTiGG Tanner Spanu LG LG
02.06.2022 bdog
United Statesbdog Brandon Sanders LG LG
02.06.2022 mada
Canadamada Adam Pampuch LG LG
02.06.2022 moose
Canadamoose Kaleb Jayne LG LG
02.06.2022 dazzLe
United StatesdazzLe Will Loafman LG LG
02.06.2022 witmer
United Stateswitmer Shawn Taylor NFW NG
02.06.2022 reltuC
United StatesreltuC Stephen Cutler NFW NG
02.06.2022 Adrenaline
United StatesAdrenaline Paul Baker NFW NG
02.06.2022 BearZ
United StatesBearZ Peyton Miller NFW NG
02.06.2022 Huston
United StatesHuston Stephen Huston NFW NG
01.06.2022 SmokeA
IndiaSmokeA Karan Sharma RGE LS
01.06.2022 Jiex
TurkeyJiex Sura Yildirim BJK FEM BJK FEM
01.06.2022 veroneze
Brazilveroneze Vinicius Ribeiro VK VK
01.06.2022 pollo
Brazilpollo Julio Silva VK VK
01.06.2022 KenzmPs
PortugalKenzmPs Simao Azevedo VK VK
01.06.2022 Ds
PortugalDs Daniel Silva VK VK
01.06.2022 SwaG
BrazilSwaG João Neto VK VK
30.05.2022 aeiden
Romaniaaeiden Hamada Adnan MJY BSO
30.05.2022 PKHI
ThailandPKHI Pakorn Kamonkoson 47 47
29.05.2022 TheCady
TurkeyTheCady Ertugrul Koc TLX TLX
27.05.2022 Kuudo
SpainKuudo UDG UCAM Ac
27.05.2022 xKyjote
SpainxKyjote UDG UCAM Ac
27.05.2022 Paradise
SpainParadise UD FEM WT
27.05.2022 Anaprz9
SpainAnaprz9 UD FEM WT
27.05.2022 Dekline
SpainDekline UD FEM WT
27.05.2022 Apagam
SpainApagam UD FEM WT
27.05.2022 Visnetaa
SpainVisnetaa UD FEM WT
26.05.2022 Folkslore
IndonesiaFolkslore GX NN
26.05.2022 skyeSG
SingaporeskyeSG Felipe Skye Lim GX NN
26.05.2022 Shun
SingaporeShun Song Lin Han GX NN
26.05.2022 ĐxN
SingaporeĐxN Gordon Lek GX NN


Valorant is a team-based first-person shooter released by Riot Games’ famous developer team in 2020. Even though the game is relatively young, it has already entered the list of top esports disciplines and gained popularity among esports fans.
It is noteworthy that the rosters of Valorant players are quite often replenished from the number of professional players, marked by participation in other disciplines. The players who once represented the lineups of CS:GO, Overwatch, and other teams are trying their hand at a new game. Team lineups also change when players from one team move to another. In Valorant, player transitions are called transfers. This name comes from classic sports, where the team players often change clubs.
Valorant top teams, or their managers, are regularly looking for new players who could ascend the Olympus of a new esport discipline and become Valorant stars. However, not all players are happy to enter the list of Valorant top players. One way or another, Valorant player transfers occur regularly. Although they become an occasion for active discussion by fans of the game and journalists.

On this page, we have collected all the latest information about everything related to changes in the composition of professional teams participating in Valorant esports competitions. This information will help you get a better idea of what’s going on in the professional esports arena and learn more about what’s happening in the careers of your favorite players. We always monitor all changes and timely edit the information you see here. Also, we get first-hand information, so you can be sure that you are reading the real news from the esports arena and not rumors.

On our website, you can find Valorant player ratings, a list of teams, tournament schedules, and other useful information about this popular young esports discipline. We hope that all the information provided will be useful to you and you will follow the esports news with us.