Transfers PUBG

Date/ Игрок
NicknameNameOld teamNew team
07.06.2022 xwudd
xwudd Wu Bo WuDu 17
07.06.2022 MachineGunner
MachineGunner Owen Monahan STK LG
07.06.2022 PurdyKurty
PurdyKurty Kurtis Bond STK LG
07.06.2022 pentalol
pentalol Andrew Franco STK LG
07.06.2022 aLOW
aLOW Aaron Lommen STK LG
07.06.2022 luke12
luke12 Luke Newey STK LG
03.06.2022 NIXZYEE
03.06.2022 HoneyBadger
HoneyBadger Joe Haylock BBG HN
03.06.2022 Wookiebookie
Wookiebookie Peter Lassen TMP HN
31.05.2022 HelleN
HelleN Ahn Kang-hyun DNW DNW
31.05.2022 Lambu
Lambu Park Chan-hyeok GBL DNW
31.05.2022 mert
mert Mert Gungor TR DA
31.05.2022 Mitraleius
Mitraleius Samil Ozkan TR DA
27.05.2022 9
9 Li Hongbo iFTY Tian
27.05.2022 Voxsic
Voxsic Jace Patras 300 SCG
27.05.2022 Neferhor
Neferhor Jesse Watson 300 SCG
27.05.2022 Xtreme
Xtreme Russell Walters 300 SCG
27.05.2022 RichyB
RichyB Richard Battaglia 300 SCG
26.05.2022 Monsters
Monsters Li Han PeRo iFTY
24.05.2022 gats
gats Asher Tankel BBG DGE
23.05.2022 BLACKXS
21.05.2022 shecreated
shecreated Fatih Berat Yagci DA FUT
17.05.2022 Che4kz1nG
Che4kz1nG Prerasin Ruttanachiyakun MG BRU
17.05.2022 Capitan
Capitan Facundo Solsona SG FIUM
13.05.2022 SzylzEN
SzylzEN Nahuel Balseiro FIUM SG
10.05.2022 Adam
Adam Adam Didiano GAS WC
10.05.2022 Ykikamucow
Ykikamucow Nathan Lynham GAS WC
10.05.2022 GregShotGG
GregShotGG Gregorio Jardin GAS WC
10.05.2022 nicoos
nicoos Nico Galanakis GAS WC
04.05.2022 SzylzEN
SzylzEN Nahuel Balseiro KPI FIUM
04.05.2022 Em1hh
Em1hh Emiliano Fidalgo KPI FIUM
04.05.2022 ps1co
ps1co Andrei Carvalho KPI FIUM
04.05.2022 draftSSJ
draftSSJ Ignacio Falzone KPI FIUM
30.04.2022 SILERZZ
SILERZZ Tristan Van Den Houte SF XPLDZ
21.04.2022 LONGK
11.04.2022 MeoU
MeoU Nguyen Minh Hoang GN1 SE
06.04.2022 Nitrogen
Nitrogen Nicholas Archambault WC SEND
06.04.2022 Zrayven
Zrayven Zrayven Rahman WC SEND
06.04.2022 TsoK
TsoK Kory Verschoore WC SEND
06.04.2022 Maji
Maji Gabriel Elliott WC SEND
06.04.2022 Zealot
Zealot Jacob Klessig WC SEND
06.04.2022 Beck
Beck Beck Crawford WC SEND
28.03.2022 BatulinS
BatulinS Aleksandr Batulin VP NLT
28.03.2022 Perfect1ks
Perfect1ks Dmytrii Dubenyuk VP NLT
28.03.2022 spyrro
spyrro Yaroslav Kuvichko VP NLT
28.03.2022 Lu
Lu Kirill Lukyanov VP NLT
19.03.2022 Seniks
Seniks Daniel Ručka YKS NOOT
17.03.2022 Balefrost
Balefrost Brendan Connors BBG YAHO
17.03.2022 Kolten
Kolten Kolten Adamczyk NOOT BBG
15.03.2022 Hikerman
Hikerman James Dunsford BBG DGE


Playerunknown’s battlegrounds became one of the most popular esports disciplines on the planet. The overall number of fans and players has long been counted in the millions. Such popularity attracts not only players but also sponsors to PUBG competitions. Sponsors and investors are ready to invest their money into the tournaments and teams. That’s why top competitions on Playerunknown’s battlegrounds became one of the most profitable in the whole esports. Top PUBG players are the world-class stars who were able to earn a lot of money playing this game. Of course, when talking about millions of dollars that one could earn in the tournaments, it is clear that the current esports discipline is not just entertainment. This is a serious business in which many participants are involved.

But if we are talking about business, then the efficiency here always comes to the fore. Top team managers are trying to recruit the best player. Therefore, they regularly pay attention to the PUBG player rating, which you can also find on our website and the list of top teams and competitions.

If managers are lucky to agree with the player for his transfer to another team, this may bring serious changes in the player’s career and the destiny of teams, which would pass such changes in their lineups. Movements of PUBG players from one team to another are called transfers. This term came from classic sports, such as football, basketball, or hockey, where lineup changes are often happening. PUBG player transfers happen rarely, but each such transfer may become a sensation. Especially, if the signed PUBG roster for the transfer is represented by top players.

On this page, you will find detailed information about all the transfers and changes which have already happened or are going to happen in rosters of professional teams. We carefully choose the information, publishing only reliable information about the changes. You can be sure that our website contains only up-to-date and verified information. Follow the competitions on Playerunknown’s battlegrounds with us and be the one to learn the latest information.