Transfers Overwatch

Date/ Игрок
NicknameNameOld teamNew team
04.08.2020 HuaMao
HuaMaoZhou XiaolongTeam1 -
04.08.2020 Zhufanjun
ZhufanjunHe JunjianTeam1 China
04.08.2020 JIQIREN
JIQIRENYansong WeiTeam1 Miraculous
04.08.2020 YangXiaoLong
YangXiaoLongZhihao ZhangTeam2 CDH
04.08.2020 Creed
CreedYan XiaoTeam2 CDH
04.08.2020 5king
5kingZhaoyu ChenTeam2 CC
04.08.2020 RUI
RUIWang XingruiTeam2 CDH
03.08.2020 Fleta
FletaByungsun KimSHD SHD
03.08.2020 Void
VoidJun Woo KangSHD SHD
03.08.2020 Cr0ng
Cr0ngNam GicheolGZC GZC
03.08.2020 FEARLESS
03.08.2020 LEEJAEGON
03.08.2020 Stand1
Stand1Ji Won SeoSHD BOS
12.05.2020 Stand1
Stand1-ZEN -
29.02.2020 Stand1
Stand1-CUCU -
19.02.2020 Stand1
Stand1-KBU -
05.09.2019 TiZi
TiZiJanghyun HwangVAN -
26.08.2019 Mcgravy
McgravyCaleb McgarveyVAL FLA
25.08.2019 FunnyAstro
FunnyAstroDaniel HathawayATL GLA
25.08.2019 Custa
CustaScott KennedyGLA Australia
25.08.2019 KariV
KariVYoungseo BakGLA GZC
25.08.2019 FCTFCTN
FCTFCTNRussell CampbellGLA NBL
25.08.2019 Agilities
AgilitiesBrady GirardiGLA VAL
25.08.2019 SPACE
25.08.2019 KSF
KSFKyle FrandanisaGLA HOU
25.08.2019 Decay
DecayGui-un JangVAL DAL
15.08.2019 Karayan
KarayanChoi SanhaFLA O2B
12.08.2019 Mizuki
MizukiMuhua ChenCC LTP
09.08.2019 Stellar
StellarDohyung LeeBOS UA
06.08.2019 Fuze
FuzeKim Tae-hoonFUN LDN
06.08.2019 MER1T
MER1TChoi Tae-minLGEHY O2B
01.08.2019 Molf1g
Molf1gMikkel DjernesBH LDN
01.08.2019 Hadi
HadiDaniel BleinagelBH LDN
30.07.2019 Jasper
JasperHyunwook KimMET T1W
30.07.2019 MCD
MCDLee Jeong-hoEM HZS
27.07.2019 fragi
fragiJoona LaineGZC Finland
27.07.2019 Bischu
BischuAaron KimGZC GLA
26.07.2019 KSAA
KSAAAlhumaidi AlruwailiYAB FE EU
26.07.2019 IZaYaKI
24.07.2019 Daemin
DaeminDaemin KimMET SHD
24.07.2019 HALF
24.07.2019 Teru
TeruKim Min-giMET VAN
24.07.2019 jerry
jerryTaehee MinMET WAS
24.07.2019 InHyeok
InHyeokInhyeok JeongMET DMN
24.07.2019 Named
NamedSeo WonJungMET -
15.07.2019 Kadalis
KadalisYeonghwan RaLGD T1
15.07.2019 MELON
MELONJungho ShinLGD -
09.07.2019 Fr3e
Fr3eTae Ihn YoonLF GBW
09.07.2019 Waffle
WaffleLee Sang-hyunLF WGS
09.07.2019 evillx
evillxHanbin ZhaoLF FFF


This section of our site is dedicated to changes in the roster of Overwatch esports teams. In Overwatch, team-to-team transitions don’t happen as often as they do in classic sports, but they do happen. Overwatch top players dream of getting into the best teams, which, in turn, are interested in top players fighting under their banners. For this reason, Overwatch’s top teams are on a real hunt for the best players. To do this, managers are actively researching the Overwatch player rating, which reflects the results and achievements of players.

Of course, the strongest team lineups have the greatest chance of winning esports competitions. For this reason, with the information on which Overwatch teams with which lineups of players will be represented in the tournament, you can make a prediction that can come true with a high degree of probability. This is not a secret to anyone. Moreover, some people regularly bet on Overwatch tournaments. Since bettors risk their own money, they need to determine what changes have occurred or should occur in the composition of eSports teams. After all, even if a player has not yet left his club, but there is already information that he will soon join another team, he will most likely not fully invest in the game. There are other methods of analysis that allow you to make fairly accurate predictions about the outcome of the match. But as a rule, most of them are based on the study of the teams, the level of their training and other factors.

This page shows the main transfers of OW players. You can access this page at any time and get the most accurate, new, and reliable information about all the changes that have already happened or are about to happen in the rosters of esports organizations. All data is updated automatically, so you can be sure that you get objective first-hand information. Stay tuned for news from the world of Overwatch esports competitions with us!