Transfers Overwatch

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
01.06.2022 Smiley
Republic of KoreaSmiley Ryu Yebin SLT UPA
24.05.2022 Cjay
United StatesCjay LE NU
20.05.2022 natdoekje
Netherlandsnatdoekje Sam Wilks EqualFriend MUC
19.05.2022 Professor
BelgiumProfessor AddF TR
19.05.2022 Ludwig
GermanyLudwig AddF TR
16.05.2022 Horthic
PortugalHorthic Henrique Damião Redhawks EqualFriend
16.05.2022 natdoekje
Netherlandsnatdoekje Sam Wilks PHX EqualFriend
16.05.2022 Lukemino
United StatesLukemino Luke Fish Solaris MAR
16.05.2022 Empress
United StatesEmpress Diana W. Solaris FE EU
13.05.2022 Skyward
United StatesSkyward UU Altiora
13.05.2022 Bizz
United StatesBizz LE Altiora
10.05.2022 React
United StatesReact RBE RGN
09.05.2022 BlueSandwich
United StatesBlueSandwich Drew Raney RIP GVV
01.05.2022 Love
SwedenLove Carl Thomasson TM SMC
01.05.2022 Thor
GermanyThor Ben Richter TM SC
01.05.2022 Horthic
PortugalHorthic Henrique Damião DG Redhawks
30.04.2022 Dynasty
United StatesDynasty Adam Elsheemy SC NU
27.04.2022 Vulcan
United StatesVulcan Jack Mcarthur Solaris NYE
26.04.2022 Landon
United StatesLandon Landon Mcgee NU LDN
25.04.2022 Belosrea
Republic of KoreaBelosrea Hwang Gyu-tae T1 PHI
22.04.2022 Boat
United StatesBoat NU DG
22.04.2022 Landon
United StatesLandon Landon Mcgee Solaris NU
22.04.2022 Lukemino
United StatesLukemino Luke Fish MAR Solaris
22.04.2022 Empress
United StatesEmpress Diana W. FE EU Solaris
20.04.2022 Doris
Republic of KoreaDoris WB CTU
20.04.2022 Ayanami
Republic of KoreaAyanami Moon In-sung WB CTU
19.04.2022 Yimitra
United StatesYimitra DFT NU
19.04.2022 Micro
United StatesMicro DFT GFG
15.04.2022 LeGo
Republic of KoreaLeGo Lee Do-hyeon TDI WGS
15.04.2022 Gr4ce
Republic of KoreaGr4ce Park Chan Hyeong T1R WGS
10.04.2022 P3t9L
United StatesP3t9L DG TI
10.04.2022 Cucumber
United StatesCucumber Colin Arai MAR SFS
07.04.2022 Kraandop
NetherlandsKraandop Timber Rensen SC PHX
07.04.2022 ANJ
NetherlandsANJ Aron De Jong SC PHX
07.04.2022 SUNGMIN
Republic of KoreaSUNGMIN Cho Sung Min O2B PHI
07.04.2022 natdoekje
Netherlandsnatdoekje Sam Wilks DG PHX
06.04.2022 Amir
GermanyAmir Amir Ahmed UA Falcons
06.04.2022 KariV
Republic of KoreaKariV Youngseo Bak FLA Falcons
06.04.2022 HeeSang
Republic of KoreaHeeSang Chae Hee-sang O2B Falcons
06.04.2022 junbin
Republic of Koreajunbin Park Jun-bin O2B Falcons
06.04.2022 Cjay
United StatesCjay TI LE
06.04.2022 LullSiSH
SwedenLullSiSH Lukas Wiklund Falcons ULT
06.04.2022 Exorath
Czech RepublicExorath Tomáš Kotačka Falcons ULT
06.04.2022 Antigon
Saudi ArabiaAntigon Ahmad Nujaidi Falcons ULT
06.04.2022 Boostio
Saudi ArabiaBoostio Bader Mehaini Falcons ULT
06.04.2022 Fuki
Saudi ArabiaFuki Awwad Alsubhi Falcons ULT
06.04.2022 Thor
GermanyThor Ben Richter SC TM
06.04.2022 Awzey
GermanyAwzey Alexander Ettl MUC TRP
06.04.2022 TrqstMe
GermanyTrqstMe Oliver Pöhler MUC TRP
06.04.2022 Love
SwedenLove Carl Thomasson SMC TM


This section of our site is dedicated to changes in the roster of Overwatch esports teams. In Overwatch, team-to-team transitions don’t happen as often as they do in classic sports, but they do happen. Overwatch top players dream of getting into the best teams, which, in turn, are interested in top players fighting under their banners. For this reason, Overwatch’s top teams are on a real hunt for the best players. To do this, managers are actively researching the Overwatch player rating, which reflects the results and achievements of players.

Of course, the strongest team lineups have the greatest chance of winning esports competitions. For this reason, with the information on which Overwatch teams with which lineups of players will be represented in the tournament, you can make a prediction that can come true with a high degree of probability. This is not a secret to anyone. Moreover, some people regularly bet on Overwatch tournaments. Since bettors risk their own money, they need to determine what changes have occurred or should occur in the composition of eSports teams. After all, even if a player has not yet left his club, but there is already information that he will soon join another team, he will most likely not fully invest in the game. There are other methods of analysis that allow you to make fairly accurate predictions about the outcome of the match. But as a rule, most of them are based on the study of the teams, the level of their training and other factors.

This page shows the main transfers of OW players. You can access this page at any time and get the most accurate, new, and reliable information about all the changes that have already happened or are about to happen in the rosters of esports organizations. All data is updated automatically, so you can be sure that you get objective first-hand information. Stay tuned for news from the world of Overwatch esports competitions with us!