Transfers LOL

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
08.06.2022 Nightshare
Czech RepublicNightshare Tomáš Kněžínek IMT.A IMT
07.06.2022 Dhokla
United StatesDhokla Niship Doshi CLG.A CLG
06.06.2022 Lele
ChinaLele Dang Bo-lin FPB FPX
06.06.2022 Selfmade
PolandSelfmade Oskar Boderek VIT VIT
05.06.2022 Harder
ChinaHarder Zhou Shi-hao AL.Y AL
05.06.2022 GG Sir
NetherlandsGG Sir Stijn Drissen NLE LION
05.06.2022 Achilles
BelgiumAchilles Afidullah Hamid NLE LION
05.06.2022 YallaSafSaf
NetherlandsYallaSafSaf Safièn Godthelp NLE LION
05.06.2022 Tchokez
BelgiumTchokez Steven Hertogs NLE LION
04.06.2022 Gori
Republic of KoreaGori Kim Tae-woo FPX PSG
03.06.2022 Lpc
ChinaLpc Huang Hao JDG JDM
03.06.2022 Rain
GermanyRain Fabian Prenzel mYi 7AM
03.06.2022 Hugato
BrazilHugato Hugo Dias De Faria NMG NMG.A
02.06.2022 Finalyop
ItalyFinalyop Wael Tahiri EUS TTE
02.06.2022 Tron
AustraliaTron Thomas Garnsworthy MEC MEC
02.06.2022 Aliez
ChinaAliez Huang Hao UP UPA
02.06.2022 Dream
ChinaDream Tan Wen-xiang 87 V5
02.06.2022 haichao
Chinahaichao Zhang Hai-chao LGD.Y LGD
02.06.2022 xiaodai
Chinaxiaodai Dai Hong-fei BLG.J BLG
02.06.2022 Duan
ChinaDuan Duan De-liang BLG.J BLG
02.06.2022 Sapphire
GermanySapphire Jakob Rietschel AF A41G
02.06.2022 Deletus
GermanyDeletus Christoph Steib BFR.A 7AM
02.06.2022 Gaboesh
NetherlandsGaboesh Gabriel Yacoub MRG ION
02.06.2022 Raptor
Republic of KoreaRaptor Jeon Eo-jin BRO BRO.C
02.06.2022 Courage
Republic of KoreaCourage Jeon Hyeon-min KDF.A KDF.C
02.06.2022 Seraph
Republic of KoreaSeraph Shin Woo-yeong LSB.A LSB.Y
01.06.2022 Ziv
TaiwanZiv Chen Yi EDG.Y EDG
01.06.2022 TLong
Viet NamTLong Đặng Thành Long BRO.A BRO.C
31.05.2022 Agresivoo
PolandAgresivoo Tobiasz Ciba BDS.A BDS
31.05.2022 Erdote
PolandErdote Robert Nowak BDS.A BDS
31.05.2022 Adam
FranceAdam Adam Maanane BDS BDS.A
30.05.2022 Zoom
ChinaZoom Zhang Xing-ran TES UP
30.05.2022 View
ChinaView Chen Yu-ming WE WE.A
30.05.2022 Stay
ChinaStay Guo Yi-yang WE WE.A
30.05.2022 Irrelevant
GermanyIrrelevant Miro Joel Scharoll MSF.P MSF
29.05.2022 Carry
TurkeyCarry Mustafa Selim Yılmaz FB.A FB
29.05.2022 Ruep
TurkeyRuep İlker Bilen FB.A FB
29.05.2022 361efe
Turkey361efe Efehan Ordulu FB.A FB
29.05.2022 Naak Nako
TurkeyNaak Nako Kaan Okan FB.A FB
27.05.2022 Don Arts
GermanyDon Arts Finn-lukas Salomon UOL USE
21.05.2022 Rawil
PolandRawil Szymon Zakrzewicz ARR GRD
20.05.2022 Wamdejo
EcuadorWamdejo Sebastian Lema GSE GSE
20.05.2022 Sky
EcuadorSky David Estrella GSE GSE
20.05.2022 lll
Colombialll Juan Pablo Ramírez Ramírez AWK AWK
18.05.2022 Viketox
SpainViketox Víctor Navarro Ramos RBLS RBLS
13.05.2022 Burrito
ChileBurrito Francisco Cherres N5R N5R
13.05.2022 Kartana
ChileKartana Daniel Francisco Luco Salvatierra FG FG
06.05.2022 Nisqy
BelgiumNisqy Yasin Dinçer FNC MAD
06.05.2022 Efias
UkraineEfias Aleksandr Yankovich G2.A BAR
04.05.2022 Reeker
GermanyReeker Steven Chen MAD BDS.A


You are on a page with detailed information about all the changes that have occurred or should occur in the lineups of LoL esports teams. Such changes, which are most often accompanied by the transfer of players from one team to another, are called transfers. Player transfers in LoL do not occur as often as in classic sports such as football or basketball. However, sometimes they happen, and this always affects the game of the team.

LoL teams consist of 5 players. The management of each team would dream of top LoL players competing under their banners. Some teams even assemble powerful squads, including top LoL players. However, this does not work for everyone. Sometimes, a sufficient amount of time passes before a new player can finally get used to and gain a foothold in the club. For this reason, it is very important that the new teammate can quickly establish communication with other players. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Sometimes, a player cannot get along with colleagues in an esports club, and he has to look for an opportunity to build a career elsewhere. And this becomes another reason why transfers occur.

Major LoL transfers often become sensations, causing heated discussion in the fan community and the esports media. Fans are getting used to the fact that their idols compete in the same lineup of five players. However, if there are changes in the team’s composition, this can affect the status of the team. However, as a rule, the management of top teams takes these factors into account and tries to avoid them.

If you are a fan of the League of Legends game, transfers and all information about them is simply a must for your review. After all, if you don’t know what lineup your favorite team will play in the upcoming game season, you won’t even be able to predict its chances of winning the competition. This is especially important for those people who associate their activities with esports betting. It is especially important for them to take into account all the changes in the composition of the teams, as they risk money.