Transfers LOL

Date/ Игрок
NicknameNameOld teamNew team
18.08.2021 Xavieles
XavielesVilius BaltušisGGM WOLF
18.08.2021 Domoles
DomolesDominik NowackiARR ARR
18.08.2021 Sh4dowUS
Sh4dowUSRadosław WalkowiakARR ARR
18.08.2021 Adison
AdisonAdrian GłuszczenkoARR ARR
18.08.2021 Robertoos
RobertoosRobert KrzyżanowskiARR ARR
18.08.2021 Makk
MakkMikołaj MakówkaARR ARR
18.08.2021 Czaru
CzaruKrystian PrzybylskiEAS TEG
18.08.2021 Bolszak
BolszakPatryk JażdżewskiEAS TEG
18.08.2021 Grk
GrkKonrad GórniakEAS TEG
18.08.2021 Biosun
BiosunPatryk KołkiewiczEAS DV1
18.08.2021 Ariana
ArianaJakub ŚliwonikEAS AF
18.08.2021 Ariana
Ariana-SHE -
18.08.2021 Ariana
Ariana-SHE -
18.08.2021 SkillHard
SkillHardNicolas Gonzalez CorredorGLG -
18.08.2021 Luprin
LuprinDaniel MendozaSHE SHE
18.08.2021 Ankor
AnkorCristian MartínezSHE SHE
18.08.2021 UnicornG
UnicornGGustavo PérezSHE Z5
18.08.2021 Caprice
CapriceRichard Emmanuel CaronSHE SHE
18.08.2021 Caprice
Caprice-SHE -
17.08.2021 Kunou
KunouSebastián RendónGLG KoN
17.08.2021 Murillo
MurilloYordy MurilloFTG FTG
17.08.2021 Pipa
17.08.2021 Laino
17.08.2021 Mtnops
Mtnops-GLG -
17.08.2021 Astronyx
Astronyx-GLG -
17.08.2021 Jotapé
Jotapé-FTG FTG
17.08.2021 Dyrth
17.08.2021 Dyrth
Dyrth-KRM -
17.08.2021 Marth
MarthLuis De La RosaWKR WT
17.08.2021 Wambo
WamboMuhammet BayramWKR WKR
17.08.2021 Jochnes
JochnesJohannes LeoWKR WKR
17.08.2021 Sirmake
Sirmake-WKR WKR
17.08.2021 Thraex
ThraexAndrea Sica300 ATE.A
17.08.2021 tooshi
tooshi-WKR WKR
17.08.2021 Crab
Crab-300 300
17.08.2021 nBeezy
nBeezy-300 300
17.08.2021 T0mmygun
T0mmygun-300 300
17.08.2021 Notiko
NotikoNick Celombitko300 FYN
17.08.2021 noway4u
noway4uFrederik HintereggerNoN NoN
17.08.2021 Broeki
BroekiDaniel BroekmannNoN NoN
17.08.2021 Agurin
AgurinMuhammed KocakNoN NoN
17.08.2021 Tolkin
TolkinNiklot StüberNoN NoN
17.08.2021 Diffrenc
DiffrencKhaled SaidCMB SPT
17.08.2021 Mauki
MaukiFelix GrohsCMB OP
17.08.2021 Deletus
Deletus-CMB CMB
17.08.2021 Karni
Karni-NoN NoN
17.08.2021 Biotic
Biotic-CMB CMB
17.08.2021 Nano
17.08.2021 Nano
Nano-KRM -
17.08.2021 Lover
LoverLover SuárezS21 S21


You are on a page with detailed information about all the changes that have occurred or should occur in the lineups of LoL esports teams. Such changes, which are most often accompanied by the transfer of players from one team to another, are called transfers. Player transfers in LoL do not occur as often as in classic sports such as football or basketball. However, sometimes they happen, and this always affects the game of the team.

LoL teams consist of 5 players. The management of each team would dream of top LoL players competing under their banners. Some teams even assemble powerful squads, including top LoL players. However, this does not work for everyone. Sometimes, a sufficient amount of time passes before a new player can finally get used to and gain a foothold in the club. For this reason, it is very important that the new teammate can quickly establish communication with other players. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. Sometimes, a player cannot get along with colleagues in an esports club, and he has to look for an opportunity to build a career elsewhere. And this becomes another reason why transfers occur.

Major LoL transfers often become sensations, causing heated discussion in the fan community and the esports media. Fans are getting used to the fact that their idols compete in the same lineup of five players. However, if there are changes in the team’s composition, this can affect the status of the team. However, as a rule, the management of top teams takes these factors into account and tries to avoid them.

If you are a fan of the League of Legends game, transfers and all information about them is simply a must for your review. After all, if you don’t know what lineup your favorite team will play in the upcoming game season, you won’t even be able to predict its chances of winning the competition. This is especially important for those people who associate their activities with esports betting. It is especially important for them to take into account all the changes in the composition of the teams, as they risk money.