Transfers Dota 2

Date/ Игрок
Nickname Name Old team New team
04.06.2022 Maybe Next Time
GreeceMaybe Next Time Apostolos Verros CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 OwnedMe
DenmarkOwnedMe Mathias Huynh CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 Lodine
UkraineLodine Oleg Kvasha CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 MTD
FinlandMTD Samu Hautala CHILLAX DGG
04.06.2022 PLEB
BulgariaPLEB Stoyan Kostov CHILLAX DGG
03.06.2022 Kidaro
UkraineKidaro Ivan Bondarev ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Supream^
Czech RepublicSupream^ Ondřej Štarha ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Xibbe
SwedenXibbe Andreas Ragnemalm ChFight! ITB
03.06.2022 Otaker
Russian FederationOtaker Aliullov Roman ChFight! ITB
31.05.2022 Hyko
BrazilHyko Lucas Morais Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 mini
Brazilmini Pedro Luiz Rezende De Paula Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Nuages
BrazilNuages Caio Soares De Oliveira Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 grpx1
Brazilgrpx1 Giovanni Ramos Pereira Spirits Coritiba
31.05.2022 Mr. Jeans
PeruMr. Jeans Jean Franco Natividad Spirits Coritiba
28.05.2022 Bell
MongoliaBell Tamir Gankhurel RNWL neon
28.05.2022 Se
MongoliaSe Tugstur Dashzevge RNWL neon
28.05.2022 RAMZES666
Russian FederationRAMZES666 Roman Kushnarev CIS VP
27.05.2022 Jubei
CanadaJubei Andrew Evelynn TMM TC
27.05.2022 Saadman01
CanadaSaadman01 Muhammad Saad Ali Ghaznavi TMM TC
24.05.2022 Hyko
BrazilHyko Lucas Morais SG Spirits
23.05.2022 Crystallis
NetherlandsCrystallis Remco Arets Entity Secret
20.05.2022 deihra
Russian Federationdeihra Kirill Kharitonov F5 Luna
17.05.2022 xannyy
Russian Federationxannyy Arslan Shadjanov NMB Empire
17.05.2022 meLes
Russian FederationmeLes Andrey Romanov NMB Empire
17.05.2022 illusion
Ukraineillusion Danil Grzhevka NMB Empire
13.05.2022 Antares
Russian FederationAntares Vladislav Kertman Empire Empire
09.05.2022 Arti_Shock
BelarusArti_Shock Arthur Couzzi PVG Zorka
05.05.2022 Duster
BrazilDuster Heitor Pereira Liberado NOPING WT
04.05.2022 Ghost
MalaysiaGhost Daniel Chan Kok Hong SAG RNG
04.05.2022 Zfreek
United StatesZfreek Zakari Freedman 4Zs nouns
04.05.2022 Moo
United StatesMoo David William Hull 4Zs nouns
04.05.2022 Costabile
BrazilCostabile Guilherme Silva 4Zs nouns
04.05.2022 Gunnar
United StatesGunnar Nicolas Lopez 4Zs nouns
04.05.2022 Husky
United StatesHusky Jacob Fifik 4Zs nouns
26.04.2022 fn
Ukrainefn Rostislav Lozovoi MG MG
26.04.2022 7jesu
Ukraine7jesu Maxim Senchinevich MG MG
23.04.2022 Young PH
MyanmarYoung PH Min Khant Mg YG YG
20.04.2022 kur0patbI4
Belaruskur0patbI4 Vladislav Vasko TD Zorka
20.04.2022 miyaoo
Belarusmiyaoo Vladimir Avsyansky TD Zorka
20.04.2022 egn
Belarusegn Ilya Yesko TD Zorka
20.04.2022 shinsu
Belarusshinsu Pavel Lukyanenko TD Zorka
20.04.2022 OneJey
BelarusOneJey Ivan Zhivitsky TD Zorka
20.04.2022 RoMaLL1Ka
BelarusRoMaLL1Ka Roman Tsirin TD Zorka
17.03.2022 SeeL
Viet NamSeeL Tai Vuong Thien Cb RSG
17.03.2022 mks-
Malaysiamks- Wong Sim An Cb RSG
17.03.2022 X1aOyU
MalaysiaX1aOyU Lee Qian Yu Cb RSG
17.03.2022 xsilearn
Singaporexsilearn Anwei Ng Cb RSG
12.03.2022 Drakeel
PeruDrakeel Isaac Zavaleta Vendetta DrE
12.03.2022 Tiburoncin
PeruTiburoncin Lewis Espinoza Laura Vendetta DrE
12.03.2022 Kr1sSt娇小
PeruKr1sSt娇小 Jimmy Huayhuameza Cardenas Vendetta DrE


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But sometimes, one of the players understands that to continue his career path, he needs to change the team. This can happen for various reasons, whether it is a greatly increased game skill, which completely surpasses teammates’ skill, or maybe personal disagreements between teammates. It also happens that a player becomes uncomfortable playing in a team because he wants to change his country of residence. In short, there can be many reasons for players to move from one team to another. We have collected Dota 2 main transfers and detailed information about the conditions for transferring players on this page. This information will help you better understand what is happening in professional esports. Therefore, if you are interested in Dota 2 esports news and want to keep abreast of the latest events, we recommend that you pay attention to the information we publish in this section. Changes in esports teams always affect the competition. Thus, if you want to follow what is happening in Dota 2, the news about transfers will be incredibly important information for you. We are aware of the need for the visitors of our site to find out relevant and reliable information in time. Therefore we post only new information on all changes in the composition of the teams.