Transfers Dota 2

Date/ Игрок
NicknameNameOld teamNew team
17.08.2021 KingR
KingRRenat AbdullinB8 FBI
16.08.2021 新手上路
新手上路-MC MC
16.08.2021 陈冠希的照相机
陈冠希的照相机-MC MC
16.08.2021 jodylokk
jodylokk-sense7 -
16.08.2021 Koyaanisqatsi
KoyaanisqatsiForrest PaulTC felt
16.08.2021 Gure Leiman
Gure Leiman-Omega Meraki
15.08.2021 Otter Ouditorium
Otter Ouditorium-TNA TNA
15.08.2021 RedMonster
RedMonsterJohn Mamanibc bc
15.08.2021 Jericho
JerichoDiego Armando Rivera JimenezUNK UNK
15.08.2021 greeDy
greeDyAlexis VenturaUNK Fantasy
15.08.2021 Carlin
15.08.2021 YadomiJN
YadomiJNJunior Reyes RimariUNK Hustler
15.08.2021 CarJua
CarJuaCarlos Andrés Santivañez GutiérrezUNK ExP
15.08.2021 Sonic
SonicLeonid KuzmenkovBI hehe
15.08.2021 Wij
WijNicolas MorenoHokori Hokori
15.08.2021 9pasha
9pashaPavel KhvastunovHR HR
15.08.2021 re1bl
re1blMaxim AfanasyevHR HR
14.08.2021 Hyko
HykoLucas MoraisFG SG.E
14.08.2021 young G
young GNikita BochkoPC PC
14.08.2021 Blizzy
BlizzyEvgenii RiF5 Hydra
14.08.2021 dream'
dream'Kyyalbek TajirovF5 Hydra
14.08.2021 Crystallis
CrystallisArets RemcoSP Creep
14.08.2021 xiao8
xiao8Ning ZhangPSG.LGD Inverse
13.08.2021 PIPI
PIPIJeanpierre Valente Arroyobc Infinity
13.08.2021 Toy
ToyApirat SrisaikumMTG HR
12.08.2021 lowkez
lowkezIlgiz ArduganovWitch SUPERMEGA
12.08.2021 Mastery
MasteryAlexey VinchevskiyWitch AZM
12.08.2021 7jesu
7jesuMaxim SenchinevichWitch Cascade
12.08.2021 squad1x
squad1x-Witch SUPERMEGA
12.08.2021 So bad
So badVitaly OshmankevichM15S SQK
12.08.2021 Dame
DameEgor LexutinM15S F5
12.08.2021 Koma`
Koma`Kamil BiktimirovM15S SP
12.08.2021 wvnnvcry
wvnnvcry-M15S miaww
12.08.2021 swedenstrong
swedenstrong-M15S SQK
12.08.2021 qAzer
qAzerDmitry SorokoBC Cerkov
12.08.2021 Mikka
Mikka-BC NC
12.08.2021 Modeto
ModetoShakhmardan Turginbekyve NO BALD
12.08.2021 Alibek
Alibek-yve LeG
12.08.2021 HardL
HardL-yve Omh
12.08.2021 HardL
HardL-yve -
12.08.2021 aKein
aKein-yve LeG
12.08.2021 Clownus
Clownus-BC -
12.08.2021 xxccxx
xxccxx-BC -
12.08.2021 Kidaro
KidaroIvan BondarevDRAINERS Cascade
12.08.2021 MustDie
MustDie-BuFi iVy
12.08.2021 2B
2B-BuFi BuFi
12.08.2021 kappa.
kappa.-DRAINERS -
12.08.2021 TheBloodySky
TheBloodySkyTim Meese-marktscheffelBuFi iVy
12.08.2021 Lowskill
LowskillKaszas TamasBuFi iVy


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But sometimes, one of the players understands that to continue his career path, he needs to change the team. This can happen for various reasons, whether it is a greatly increased game skill, which completely surpasses teammates’ skill, or maybe personal disagreements between teammates. It also happens that a player becomes uncomfortable playing in a team because he wants to change his country of residence. In short, there can be many reasons for players to move from one team to another. We have collected Dota 2 main transfers and detailed information about the conditions for transferring players on this page. This information will help you better understand what is happening in professional esports. Therefore, if you are interested in Dota 2 esports news and want to keep abreast of the latest events, we recommend that you pay attention to the information we publish in this section. Changes in esports teams always affect the competition. Thus, if you want to follow what is happening in Dota 2, the news about transfers will be incredibly important information for you. We are aware of the need for the visitors of our site to find out relevant and reliable information in time. Therefore we post only new information on all changes in the composition of the teams.