Transfers CS:GO

Date/ Игрок
NicknameNameOld teamNew team
08.06.2022 mir
mir Nikolay Bityukov Spirit Entropiq
07.06.2022 AlcesT
AlcesT Adrian Chyziak AVEZ NAVI J
06.06.2022 f4stzin
f4stzin Arthur Schmitt Case Case
06.06.2022 samys
samys Cruzeiro FEM W7M FEM
04.06.2022 Kingfisher
Kingfisher David Kingsford RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Sico
Sico Simon Williams RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Hatz
Hatz Jordan Bajic RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 INS
INS Joshua Potter RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 aliStair
aliStair Alistair Johnston RNG ORDER
04.06.2022 Liazz
Liazz John James Tregillgas RNG ORDER
03.06.2022 roeJ
roeJ Fredrik Jørgensen CPF Fnatic
03.06.2022 nicoodoz
nicoodoz Nico Tamjidi CPF Fnatic
03.06.2022 HooXi
HooXi Rasmus Nielsen CPF CPF
03.06.2022 Jabbi
Jabbi Jakob Nygaard CPF CPF
03.06.2022 Zyphon
Zyphon Rasmus Nordfoss CPF CPF
03.06.2022 lollipop21k
lollipop21k Igor Solodkov IIE 1WIN
02.06.2022 Muenster
Muenster Joseph Lima PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 Jonji
Jonji Jonathan Carey PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 djay
djay Jonathan Dallal PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 ben1337
ben1337 Ben Smith PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 PwnAlone
PwnAlone Josh Pigue PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 viz
viz Wesley Harris PartyAstro EG
02.06.2022 Axed
Axed Tommy Ryan Carpe EG
02.06.2022 chop
chop Connor Sullivan Carpe EG
02.06.2022 HexT
HexT Jadan Postma Carpe EG
02.06.2022 wiz
wiz Jerric Jiang Carpe EG
02.06.2022 Walco
Walco Colby Walsh Carpe EG
02.06.2022 CLASIA
CLASIA Anthony Kearney Carpe EG
31.05.2022 n0rb3r7
n0rb3r7 David Danielyan K23 VP
31.05.2022 fame
fame Petr Bolyshev K23 VP
31.05.2022 remix
remix Victor Monteiro HL FEM miLLe
31.05.2022 skullz
skullz Felipe Medeiros HL FEM miLLe
30.05.2022 HUGHMUNGUS
HUGHMUNGUS Hugh Anderson Looking For Orgre Aftershock
30.05.2022 Kamion
Kamion Jurus Zsolt ONYX ONYX
30.05.2022 pr1metapz
pr1metapz Luca Voigt SSP ONYX
30.05.2022 simix
simix Robin Bynens Brugge Brugge
30.05.2022 n0te
n0te Roman Hamze KRC Genk Brugge
29.05.2022 Grus
Grus Sander Nordeide Iversen 777 777
29.05.2022 Ruyter
Ruyter Jonatan Ruyter 777 777
28.05.2022 Boombl4
Boombl4 Kirill Mikhailov NAVI NAVI
28.05.2022 Mad
28.05.2022 Gizmy
Gizmy Jack Von Spreckelsen 1PIN FAMBIT
28.05.2022 ADRON
27.05.2022 Flayy
Flayy GA Anon
27.05.2022 F1KU
F1KU Maciej Miklas AGO OG
27.05.2022 NEOFRAG
NEOFRAG Adam Zouhar Sinners OG
25.05.2022 niko
niko Nikolaj Kristensen OG OG
25.05.2022 larsen
larsen Sebastian Larsen TRICKED TRICKED
25.05.2022 ZanaSofs
ZanaSofs Ana Queiroz equipa BIG EQ
25.05.2022 Aidy
Aidy Aida Garcia equipa BIG EQ


Every esports fan who watches CSGO matches and follows the professional scene knows that the players’ individual skills have a tremendous impact on the results of the team’s performance. CSGO is a team game, so the victory will depend on how well all team members interact. Professional CS:GO tournaments provide esports organizations with large sums of money. For this reason, esports can be seen as a business. And, as in any business, the head of each team tries to recruit the most experienced and skilled employees into his staff.
If you look at the rating of CSGO players, you will find the best esports players who perform on the professional stage at the top of this list. Of course, the dream of every esports company owner is to recruit a squad that will collect the best representatives of the esports scene. Sometimes it succeeds, and top players unite within the same team. Transfers are the movements of players from one team to another. We have collected all the current information about the main CSGO transfers on this page. This information will be useful to every fan who wants to keep abreast of what is happening in the world of esports. CSGO transfers allow you to assess the situation that occurs in the career of each esports player. After all, a player’s transfer to another team is always a new stage in his career, which can seriously affect the entire biography. In addition, the change of players in the teams changes the balance and atmosphere that prevails within the team. For example, the departure of an experienced captain from a team can affect motivation, strategy, and other important issues. Therefore, knowing in advance what transfers will be made in the nearest future, you will be able to determine the competition results with a fairly high degree of probability. This is especially important for those people who bet on esports events. Also, on our site, you will find the details about players, CSGO team ratings, tournament news, match schedules, and much other useful information. Let’s follow the news of CS:GO together!