Fortnite tournaments are very popular with esports fans today. Even though this game is one of the youngest competitive disciplines, it quickly gained popularity and millions of fans worldwide. Fortnite belongs to the royal battle genre, so the fight here goes to the last player left alive. The rules and canons of the genre themselves mean that the game has a huge competitive potential, and this potential has been successfully realized. Many events are annual, including those in which the top Fortnite teams participate. They are of the greatest interest to both gamers and the audience. Popular Fortnite tournaments are prestigious competitions that offer generous cash prizes. Fortnite tournaments in 2021 allowed top players to improve their wealth and deposit several million dollars into their accounts. The statistics of Fortnite esports tournaments show that fans of the game follow the competition with great interest. Therefore, broadcasts of tournaments collect a large number of views. If you also like watching the matches with the participation of top players, then we can recommend paying attention to the matches that take place as part of the best events. On this page, you can see the rating of tournaments, which highlights the top competitions.


What are the features of Top Fortnite tournaments? First of all, these events are held for professional player. The second point is the amount of the prize fund. In tournaments, the best Fortnite teams compete for big cash prizes. Large amounts of rewards motivate players to give their best during matches. Competitions for amateurs, of course, may also be interesting, but they cannot be called the top ones. Many fans watch the game of the best teams; for this reason, another quality distinguishes such competitions – popularity. On this page, you can see the rating based on the statistics of the events. The most popular events head the ranking. In Fortnite, popular tournaments collect many views, which distinguishes them from other competitions. If you are looking for the best event to watch, look at the most popular Fortnite championships on top of our rating. We want to tell you more about some of the events that, in our opinion, deserve special mention.

GameWithCup 2021

The Tournament called Fortnite GameWithCup 2021 is a popular event in 2021. During GameWithCup 2021, top teams competed for prestigious awards. But not only does the prize pool of GameWithCup 2021 attract the players’ attention. In the GameWithCup 2021 competitions, the teams from the Asian region tried to prove to each other that they deserve to be the best in their region. The GameWithCup 2021 Fortnite Championship was streamed online and could be easily found on the Internet, for example, on YouTube. Repetitions of the most interesting moments can be found there without any difficulties. You can access GameWithCup 2021 statistics and other information regarding this event on our website.

Gamers Without Borders 2021

Gamers Without Borders 2021 is a regular tournament known as one of the most spectacular among the events taking place in several disciplines. In addition to Gamers Without Borders 2021 Fortnite, these competitions were also held in CS:GO. It was a notable battle that took place among the top players. During the matches, the best player competed for valuable cash prizes. After all, Gamers Without Borders 2021, with a prize pool of $1.5 million, presented players with an opportunity to improve their financial situation significantly. The winner of Gamers Without Borders 2021 and the cash prize also received the title of champion. On this page, you have access to the statistics of Fortnite esports tournaments, including Gamers Without Borders 2021.

Solacer Open Cup

Top Fortnite tournaments are major events where the best players can demonstrate their skills and earn fame and honor. The Solacer Open Cup is a competitive event that offers players a prize pool of $5,000, which is relatively small compared to other tournaments. Therefore, the winnings are not so large for Solacer Open Cup participants. However, this does not prevent them from showing first-class results during the game. In the Solacer Open Cup competition, top players were able to show their best, which earned them the fans’ approval. On our site, you will find Solacer Open Cup match results, detailed statistics and much more, including valorant player rankings.