# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
EG $ 1 250 000 734.00 $ 1 250 000 3 months ago
PRX $ 625 000 441.20 $ 625 000 3 months ago
FNC $ 580 000 367.50 $ 580 000 1 month ago
LOUD $ 445 000 244.80 $ 445 000 3 months ago
EDG $ 186 170 199.15 $ 186 170 1 week ago
$ 54 090 121.90 $ 54 090 2 weeks ago
DRX $ 232 415 108.99 $ 232 415 1 month ago
FUT $ 85 000 86.55 $ 85 000 1 month ago
NRG $ 195 000 69.99 $ 195 000 3 months ago
GIA $ 44 286 61.25 $ 44 286 3 weeks ago
LEV $ 52 000 61.20 $ 52 000 3 weeks ago
NAVI $ 85 000 53.40 $ 85 000 3 days ago
T1 $ 102 966 40.10 $ 102 966 1 month ago
TL $ 75 000 15.86 $ 75 000 3 months ago
TLN $ 32 064 13.35 $ 32 064 1 week ago
ESP No Info 13.33 No Info 2 weeks ago
FS $ 11 076 12.80 $ 11 076 1 week ago
No Info 7.93 No Info 2 weeks ago
VIT $ 10 000 7.93 $ 10 000 6 months ago
FPX $ 34 191 6.52 $ 34 191 1 week ago



The Valorant game was developed by Riot Games and released in 2020. Back when Valorant was still in its closed testing phase, the first tournaments were already held on it, and professional teams began to be created. Today, the game has grown into a full-fledged discipline, and new esports teams appear on a regular basis. The game has found its leaders during a short period of its existence. Top Valorant teams participate in major tournaments with impressive prize pools. They invite the strongest talents, who have played other shooters such as CS:GO and Overwatch, to join their squads.

Valorant’s team rankings are based on many factors. A team’s place is influenced by its recent performances, tournaments won, the amount of prize money, and other aspects that show the real level of the club’s play. Valorant teams strive to get to the top of the rankings, so gamers are constantly training and improving their skills. The squad is also assisted by a coach, analysts, and psychologists that almost every organization has. If one or more players are not up to the level of the team, they can be replaced by more skilled players. This is a normal esports practice in Valorant as well.


Although Valorant is still relatively young compared to other disciplines, it is already possible to identify the leaders who have had success in the game. These are the teams that started their journey in this project from scratch. Also, Valorant esports has attracted the attention of large organizations that have assembled their own teams in this discipline. Both newcomers and experienced gamers were invited to such teams. The most successful top Valorant teams consisted of former CS:GO players.

Russian esports players have also successfully mastered the new game. Gamers from Russia and the CIS countries have always shown good results in shooters. It is not surprising that Russian esports teams have been successful in Valorant as well.


The Valorant Sentinels team was created during the beta testing phase of the game. It included experienced US esports players who have competed in other disciplines before. At the first test tournaments, the team did not perform very well, but then they were able to find their game. The Sentinels roster was slightly changed, and soon the team began to win championships.

In 2020, the team won a number of tournaments. The top esports teams remained behind the Sentinels. In 2021, the team continued its dominance on the professional stage. The American squad won one championship after another. The team gained a foothold in tier-1 and confidently entered the top Valorant teams. Each of the players received more than $100,000 for winning tournaments. The Sentinels’ prize money ranking is the highest in Valorant in 2021.

Gambit Esports

Russian multi-gaming organization has also entered Valorant. It turned out to be very successful. Gambit Esports did not start playing matches right away with the release of Valorant. The team was formed a few months after the game’s release. At first, Gambit Esports played not at very high-level tournaments. Then the team was able to break into higher divisions.

In 2021, the team became the best in the CIS. Gambit Esports Valorant won regional tournaments, leaving no chance for their opponents. The team has also achieved success at the international championships. In September 2021, the team won the VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin tournament. Gambit Esport’s rating increased significantly, and the team also received $225,000 in prize money. This allowed the Russian team to bypass many of the top Valorant teams. At the same time, the composition of the team has remained almost unchanged since its inception.

Vision Strikers

The Korean Vision Strikers roster was made up of former CS:GO players. They joined Valorant as soon as the game was released. Korean gamers have been very successful in their new discipline. In 2020 Vision Strikers, the Valorant team won every tournament they participated in, and there were more than 15 of them. It allowed the team to become the best in their country and region.

Vision Strikers players continued their successful performance on the professional Valorant stage in 2021. The roster did not change globally, and the team won numerous tournaments in its almost original form. International championships were also relatively successful for Vision Strikers. At VCT 2021: Stage 3 Masters – Berlin, the team took 5th-8th place, beating many esports teams and earning $25,000.


The Order team represents Australia. Its line-up was formed in October 2020. Initially, the team made not very confident steps in the regional league, but over time, the team found its game and began to beat other esports teams in Oceania.

The first championship was held under the auspices of the VALORANT Oceania Tour in March 2021. The team went through closed and open qualifications, and in the final stage, it was able to defeat other top Valorant teams in Oceania. Thus, the Order team became the first champion of this tournament. Later on, the team reached the finals of this competition twice. In the second season, the gamers became silver medalists, and in the third season, they won gold again. The Order line-up has not changed much over this time, with only one player leaving from the original five.