# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
DNW $ 637 077 748.24 $ 637 077 6 days ago
$ 185 000 547.00 $ 185 000 6 days ago
17 $ 419 153 451.48 $ 419 153 6 days ago
SQ $ 49 000 441.31 $ 49 000 6 days ago
QM $ 32 500 237.76 $ 32 500 1 week ago
LG $ 65 000 228.93 $ 65 000 6 days ago
PeRo $ 157 660 200.18 $ 157 660 6 days ago
CES $ 56 906 171.99 $ 56 906 6 days ago
NH $ 105 852 160.00 $ 105 852 6 days ago
FaZe $ 72 000 159.80 $ 72 000 6 days ago
T5 $ 49 303 153.80 $ 49 303 6 days ago
FOR $ 1 087 136.12 $ 1 087 1 month ago
Tian $ 131 294 90.00 $ 131 294 6 days ago
V7 $ 57 831 80.00 $ 57 831 6 days ago
TL $ 55 830 70.98 $ 55 830 6 days ago
SSG $ 39 000 60.24 $ 39 000 6 days ago
DAY $ 39 445 50.24 $ 39 445 6 days ago
$ 26 000 42.48 $ 26 000 1 week ago
4AM $ 15 727 33.42 $ 15 727 2 weeks ago
GEN $ 49 681 30.00 $ 49 681 6 days ago


The PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds survival project has made the battle royale genre popular in the gaming industry. Millions of gamers have started playing survival games. Those who had improved their skills began to break into esports and form PUBG teams. The players gathered in squads of 4, and trained regularly in order to take part in tournaments. From the moment of its release, the developer company began to offer various competitions with good prizes to the gamers. As esports gradually evolved, the rankings of the teams were formed based on their success.

PUBG has a serious professional scene today. It is developed both on PC and mobile devices. Esports teams are constantly participating in top tournaments. Newcomers are also offered a number of competitions where they can earn thousands of dollars and take their first steps toward the big stage. Novice esports players look up to the top PUBG teams and follow their example. Tier-1 teams are very bright and impressive so that they can earn hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars in PUBG prizes, and they do it on a regular basis.


Over the years, the professional scene in PUBG has developed its own leaders. Such teams showed consistently successful performances over the long haul. Top PUBG teams regularly win tier-1 tournaments. In case of poor results, the organizations change their rosters to always have strong and motivated competitive esports players.

Quite often, esports teams have several rosters at the same time. These can be the main roster, youth roster, and mobile roster. In the world of PUBG esports, there are organizations that specialize in either PC or Mobile. There are also clubs that are good at both versions of the game simultaneously. Such teams regularly top the PUBG team rankings due to the impressive results of their squads.


Kazakhstani multi-gaming organization Avangar specializes in shooters. The club had its own line-up in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as well. It was formed the year the game was released. The first roster included two esports players from Kazakhstan and Russia. The squad showed good results, beat top esports teams, and won titles. In 2018, the team won the IEM XII Katowice PUBG Invitational tournament. Thanks to this championship, Avangar’s ranking increased noticeably.

Like other top PUBG teams, the Kazakh club made replacements after unsuccessful results. The last roster of the team included 4 Russian esports players. However, the newcomers could not find their game, and subsequently, the PUBG Avangar team was disbanded. The team won a number of tournaments and earned more than $100,000 in two years.

Abrupt Slayers

The Nepalese organization Abrupt Slayers PUBG was created in 2020. It specializes only in the mobile version of the game. For a long time, the squad did not make much progress, placing low in regional tournaments. As part of the PUBG Mobile Pro League – South Asia Season 2: League, the team took 7th place. Abrupt Slayer’s ranking left much to be desired. However, in the Finals stage, the team showed its best game and managed to win gold in this tournament. All the top Asian PUBG teams were left behind. The organization also earned $40,000 in prize money.

Abrupt Slayers 2021 matches were played with a new line-up. The players from the champion roster moved to Skylightz Gaming. The organization was without an active roster for six months, but in September 2021, Abrupt Slayers signed five Nepalese esports players.


The European esports club Alliance also decided to enter the PUBG market. Alliance roster was formed in 2017. The team tried itself in various tournaments, changing its players. The team’s highest achievement is 6th place at the PUBG Global Invitational 2018 – Europe. The players earned $6,000 on this Alliance. The squad was disbanded in 2019.

The team on the mobile version of the game has much better success. Alliance PUBG Mobile was created in the summer of 2020 and included 4 Russian gamers. Alliance PUBG Mobile team began to show good results. The team regularly won tournaments and was among the top three winners. In 2021, Alliance became the best in the first season of the regional CIS league, leaving behind such esports teams as Natus Vincere and Virtus.Pro.

Archer Gaming

A team from South Korea burst into the esports scene brightly in 2020. Archer Gaming PUBG has participated in several mobile tournaments. The team took 4th place at the PUBG Mobile Street Challenge 2020: 1st Half. In the second half of this tournament, the team won gold. The Archer Gaming team earned over $26,000 for the first place. In addition, the Korean club also received a slot in the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The top PUBG teams and $2 million in prize money were already waiting for the AG.
The Korean gamers could not stand up against the giants at the global championship. The Archer Gaming roster was disbanded. The same fate befell the new roster that came to replace it. As a result, South Korean gamers from this tag moved on to other esports teams.