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$ 1 125 0.00 $ 1 125 1 month ago
$ 1 500 0.00 $ 1 500 1 month ago
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Blizzard’s Overwatch was released in 2016 and immediately became a professional discipline. At the same time, the first esports teams began to form. Gamers willingly switched to a new game and became professionals.

Over the 5 years of Overwatch’s existence, a full-fledged esports scene has been formed with a large number of teams. The competition system is divided into three levels. Beginning Overwatch teams have the opportunity to make their way to the pros, thanks to the ongoing amateur tournaments. Top newcomers get a chance to play with teams from the esports scene for the right to be promoted.

Overwatch team ranking consists of many teams that constantly play with each other. The OW League and Contenders series tournaments are designed for professional teams. Teams compete in regional tournaments for prestigious titles and impressive prize pools. Overwatch statistics show that over the 5 years of its existence, esports players have won more than 30 million US dollars at various championships. In addition to cash prizes, gamers from strong teams also receive a good salary from organizations and have sponsorship contracts, which allows them to get impressive money from their favorite game.


The top teams in Overwatch are constantly changing. Young esports players enter the game with an incredible level of motivation and desire to win. And some of them are good at it. These gamers gather their own teams or get into already formed top esports teams.

The strongest players on the professional scene are from South Korea. The esports players from this country have their own Contenders league, which is famous for its spectacular passionate matches. Strong players from South Korea play not only for local clubs but also for organizations in other countries. Teams want to have them on their roster because the gamers will provide them with the best Overwatch tournaments. Overwatch team ranking also includes a large number of South Korean teams.

Ex Oblivione

The Ex Oblivione Overwatch team was founded in May 2019. The team was originated by a Belgian manager nicknamed Kevh. He assembled the EXO Overwatch roster, which began its journey to the professional scene. The team went through the Open Division and made its way to the Contenders league, where other esports teams were already waiting for it.

EXO OW played in the European region. The roster was constantly changing, but the team had the most players from the UK. They compete in a regional league where they are opposed to Overwatch’s top teams. Ex Oblivione forced a fight against the leaders. The roster was frequently updated to keep the team competitive. This allowed the team to win tens of thousands of dollars in prize money. However, in the summer of 2021, the EXO OW team was disbanded.

New Kings

The New Kings were assembled in mid-2020. New Kings Overwatch confidently broke into esports, winning all 5 matches in the qualifying tournament. They then began their journey in the European leagues, playing as an international stack. In 2021, New Kings Overwatch added esports players from Saudi Arabia to their roster.

One of the latest achievements of this roster was a forceful victory at Contenders 2021 EU Season 1 – April. New Kings dropped to the bottom of the playoffs in the second round but managed to make it to the finals, beating the top Overwatch teams along the way. The tournament ended with a victory for the team. However, one month later, New Kings OW went under the banner of a new organization, Falcons Esports EU.

Sheer Cold

The Sheer Cold OW team started its journey in January 2020. Prior to that, the team was called Indignation, but in 2020 they rebranded and formed the Sheer Cold OW line-up. As in the previously described teams, it was an international roster that played in European competitions. Having won the Open Divison, Sheer Cold OW players got the right to be called professionals, and immediately the team began to show good results. The team steadily made it to the top 4 of their championships, overcoming the best Overwatch teams.

During its existence, more than two dozen players have passed through the team. Sheer Cold OW team was frequently updated, as the club did not have the best results from time to time. But replacements helped, and Sheer Cold OW’s 2021 tournaments ended very successfully.

Bilibili Gaming

The Chinese team Bilibili Gaming Overwatch began its ascent to the professional scene in 2019. It is essentially a youth roster of Hangzhou Spark. Top Overwatch teams follow such practice quite often.

The Bilibili line-up includes talented Chinese and South Korean gamers. For three years, more than 20 gamers managed to play as part of the team. Successful Bilibili matches and victories in tournaments brought the team more than 200 thousand dollars in prize money. This was made possible thanks to regular victories in the Overwatch Contenders China series championships. The organization finished all OW tournaments within this series in 1-2 places in 2021. This makes the team the strongest in China, leaving other esports teams behind.