# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
JDG $ 621 841 168.00 $ 621 841 1 month ago
BLG $ 324 915 100.80 $ 324 915 1 month ago
T1 $ 181 478 76.80 $ 181 478 1 month ago
GEN $ 328 796 60.00 $ 328 796 1 month ago
C9 $ 170 000 37.80 $ 170 000 1 month ago
G2 $ 182 214 37.80 $ 182 214 2 weeks ago
MAD $ 112 267 16.20 $ 112 267 2 weeks ago
GGS $ 85 000 16.20 $ 85 000 1 month ago
$ 67 500 0.20 $ 67 500 1 month ago
LLL $ 30 922 0.20 $ 30 922 2 weeks ago
DFM $ 148 497 0.20 $ 148 497 1 month ago
PSG $ 72 500 0.16 $ 72 500 2 weeks ago
GAM $ 38 653 0.16 $ 38 653 2 weeks ago
RAP No Info 0.04 No Info 2 months ago
No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
No Info 0.00 No Info 2 days ago
No Info 0.00 No Info 3 days ago
No Info 0.00 No Info 3 days ago


Reaching success in the League of Legends is possible only as part of a strong team. No matter how good individual skills a player has, they cannot reach the top level without a strong LoL team. As esports players are well aware of this, they form teams, where everyone plays their part according to their in-game position.

Esports teams consist of 5 gamers. The team also has replacement players, inactive players, and coaches in the squad. Top LoL teams often involve analysts, psychologists, and other specialists in their work. All of this helps to prepare the team for performance, build a high-quality game, and set up the players from a psychological point of view. Such preparation is necessary if the team wants to reach the top of the League of Legends team ranking.

The competition in the League of Legends is beyond belief. At each tournament, new gamers try to show their best game in order to make their way to the top league. Newcomers strive to get into the top LoL teams, but it is not that easy. The established teams are not willing to give up their top spots, and as a result, the tournaments in the League of Legends are always spectacular and intense.


To achieve great results, League of Legends esports players must practice constantly. The best LoL teams have been going to the top for years. Along the way, LoL gamers practice regularly – a minimum of 8 hours every day. There are a lot of other players to beat in the process because League of Legends esports is a highly competitive environment.

LoL is best developed in South Korea. Esports players from this country are the leaders of this discipline. They show the best results in tournaments. Players from China breathe down their backs. European and American esports teams are also trying to impose a fight on Asian leaders, but they can hardly move the Korean and Chinese gamers from Olympus. LoL teams from the Asian region are the real machines that demolish everything on their way.


DK Damwon Kia Gaming LoL was founded in 2017. The Korean organization has gathered very strong players under its wing. The DK Damwon Kia Gaming team was regularly renewed in the process to get the most played roster, capable of becoming a champion. And the organization has succeeded. DK Damwon Kia Gaming LoL started winning prestigious tournaments by beating other top LoL teams. In 2020, the team became the best at the World Championship. Before that, DK Damwon Kia Gaming won the Korean Summer League.

The South Korean team’s LoL statistics is impressive. The team has earned over a million US dollars in prize money at tournaments.

The organization has several rosters. The club has two esports teams, acting as youth teams. In the future, these gamers can replace the current players and continue their championship path.

TES Top Esports

TES Top Esports is a team representing China. It also began its journey at the end of 2017. TES Top Esports roster includes strong players from China. The gamers under the organization’s banner have been successful in both the domestic and international arenas. TES Top Esports matches are famous for their vivid fight to the last. Players strive for constant victories, and this allows them to enter the top LoL team’s rankings.

TES Top Esports players have won several major tournaments. The team is also quite successful at the World Championships. TES Top Esports LoL regularly updates the squad to achieve the best results. The strongest players in their best form should always be on the roster, as required by the League of Legends esports. And this team maintains that rhythm.

G2 Esports

European teams also aspire to LoL esports. The famous G2 cs go team also has its own League of Legends roster. And this team is the strongest in the European region. G2 esports League of Legends regularly wins regional leagues. The team is constantly leading the World Championships, defending the honor of the European region.

The roster of the G2 team is truly international. Players from Denmark, Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Spain, Hungary, Germany, Belgium, France, and Great Britain have played for the team at different times. G2 esports also had South Korean gamers in their line-up. However, it was European players who were the most frequent members of the team and who subsequently defeated the best LoL teams from all over the world.


EDward Gaming LoL are true oldies of the discipline from China. The first roster was formed in 2014. Eight esports players were immediately recruited and began to defeat the top LoL teams and win tournaments. In the first season, the squad won two regional leagues in a row. The next top LoL tournament in the organization’s championship record is the Mid-Season Invitational 2015.

Just like other esports teams, this club also constantly shuffled players. Thanks to this, EDward Gaming’s ranking is always at a high level, allowing the team to break into the best League of Legends tournaments and win hundreds of thousands of US dollars. For its bright game, the organization received great sponsors in the face of world-famous brands: Intel, Steelseries, ExxonMobil, and Gilette. EDward Gaming holds matches in T-shirts with the logos of these companies.