# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
Complexity No Info 0.12 No Info 5 years ago
HH No Info 0.12 No Info No Info
MAX No Info 0.11 No Info 2 years ago
TDG No Info 0.10 No Info No Info
Solary No Info 0.05 No Info 4 years ago
00Nation No Info 0.02 No Info No Info
T1 No Info 0.02 No Info 3 years ago
17173 No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
836 Pizza No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
9z No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
ADA No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
ACE.PH No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Ad Finem No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
AEC No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
AeroX No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
AS No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
AGO No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
AION No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Air No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
algeria No Info 0.00 No Info No Info


In the card game Hearthstone, gamers compete individually in one-on-one battles. However, there are Hearthstone teams, which bring together players under the banner of one tag. A team can consist of one or several players. Popular esports teams are well represented in HS. Top organizations come to this game and invite the strongest gamers into their roster. Players choose such Hearthstone esports teams as they offer good conditions. Clubs organize participation in tournaments, sign advertising contracts, pay salaries, and help with social networking. All esports players have to do is practice, fly to Hearthstone tournaments and win there.

Some players decide to organize their own club. Hearthstone’s top teams are also represented by such groups. In addition to the game, esports players need to devote a lot of time to organizational issues. Experienced esports clubs take care of all these issues.

Regardless of the type of organization the players represent, they always try to show their best game in the championships. Esports players always strive to win trophies, get prize money, and improve the ratings of the teams they play for.


In Hearthstone, individual players achieve success. At the same time, esports teams help them fully concentrate on the training process so that they can show their best game in matches. Either one or several players can bring trophies and raise the rating of the team. The second case is a much rarer occurrence on the professional scene. Only the top Hearthstone teams can afford to keep a few players of the highest caliber. These gamers regularly win tournaments and are in the top rankings. Otherwise, Hearthstone teams are often represented by only one strong player. There may also be several lower-level esports players on the roster. That is how Hearthstone esports works.


The organization was founded in 2015. It brings together esports teams in a variety of gaming disciplines. Circa esports also has a roster for the Hearthstone card game. During its existence, it was represented by only one player – Ryan McMurray, better known by his nickname wwlos. His Circa esports matches began in 2016 when the gamer joined the team, and he hasn’t left it since. The organization is based in the United States. A large number of Hearthstone’s top players come from this country. The club also has a serious organization of managers who keep the team running. Hearthstone’s top teams work on the same model so that their esports players can focus solely on the game.

Invictus Gaming

The history of this Chinese club begins in 2011. Three years later, the Invictus Gaming XC roster was launched. The organization gathered exclusively Chinese players. The first roster of Invictus Gaming Hartstone included 6 gamers. They began to perform independently in tournaments and showed their first success. Subsequently, new Invictus Gaming XC players joined the organization, which then brought victories to the team.

In 2015, an IG Sword club esports player won the i-league Season 4 tournament. He beat out players who represented the top Hearthstone teams from China. Sword received $39,000 for the victory. He also glorified Invictus Gaming XC, who continued to win further.


A large and quite famous esports organization has been introduced in the world of Hearthstone. The first players joined the Luminosity HS roster in 2015. The roster was truly international: Darkwonyx (Sweden), StanCifka (Czech Republic), Ignite (Portugal), Impact (Canada), and PHONETAP (USA). These players have represented Luminosity Hearthstone in various tournaments. The esports players did not only go to the championships but also brought back medals from them. For example, the Luminosity Hearthstone player brought victory to the organization at SL i-League StarSeries Season 3: Finals 2017. Top XC teams such as Team Liquid, G2, and Virtus.Pro, were defeated along the championship path. Unfortunately, that same year, the club’s history came to an end. Luminosity XC team disbanded its roster and stopped competing in the discipline.


Few top Hearthstone teams can boast such a busy life as CG. Complexity Gaming’s roster is regularly updated with strong European and American players. There are also a number of streamers in the organization. All of this is possible thanks to the club’s partnerships with the world’s leading companies, including Twitch. High esports results also help this, as well as top team rankings. The esports players representing Complexity Gaming perform well at international tournaments of tier-1 level. The leader of the club is German player Casie. He regularly wins his Complexity Gaming matches and brings trophies and hundreds of thousands of US dollars to the club museum. Other esports players are also quite successful on the professional stage, raising the Hartstone esports organization ranking.