# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
100 Thieves No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Atlantis No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Chiefs No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
C9 No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
COOLER No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
CLG No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
CL No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Dark Sided No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
DV1 No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Envy No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Excel No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
FaZe No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Fnatic No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
G2 No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
ASM.GMB No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Gen.G No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Ghost No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
GOD No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
HR No Info 0.00 No Info No Info
Kungarna No Info 0.00 No Info No Info

The most famous Fortnite teams

A game called Fortnite is very popular in the esports industry. Skilled players gather in stacks to participate in professional tournaments. This is how amateur-level Fortnite teams work. The strongest teams are full-fledged organizations with management, many sponsors, and support staff. The top Fortnite teams assemble talented gamers from around the world to represent their clubs. Esports players in leading clubs receive impressive salaries and advertising contracts from the organization.

Esports teams in Fortnite are represented by both multi-gaming clubs and those that exist exclusively in this game. All of these teams compete fiercely with each other at every tournament. Organizations are eager to get the most talented and promising players to make sure they win and raise the teams’ standings. Such competition between esports players and teams has a positive effect on the spectacularity of matches and championships. The fans get very exciting games where players show the highest level of skill. And gamers have their own powerful motivation. Fortnite tournaments offer the best players to earn hundreds of thousands or even millions of US dollars.



Fortnite team rankings are based on the game statistics of the teams. The position in the table depends on the results of matches, performance in tournaments, the number of titles won, and the prize money won. The competition in Fortnite is outrageous, and by loosening their grip, the team can go down in a matter of moments.

In just 4 years of the game’s existence, there have been more than 700 different championships, where the top Fortnite teams have won over 100 million US dollars. This money went to both teams and individual players who performed in Solo or Duo mode. Fortnite esports offers a variety of gameplay modes. Nevertheless, even when playing individually, the player belongs to a team. Thus, esports teams may have multiple players competing independently.


Luminosity Gaming was founded in 2015. The Fortnite Luminosity team began its existence in the summer of 2018. The team consisted of players from the United States and Canada. The famous streamer Ninja became a member of the team. In total, the active Luminosity roster has more than ten players, as well as a large staff of content creators who promote the team in every possible way.

Esports players in Solo or Duo mode actively participate in tournaments of various levels, as well as all the top Fortnite teams represented on the professional scene. The results of the organization’s players also vary. Other esports teams have a similar spread. For example, the player nicknamed Kreo in Solo mode won $45,000 at the Summer Skirmish Series NA, taking only 3rd place. It is the largest one-time prize of this organization, which has significantly raised Luminosity’s rating.


The Faze Clan multi-gaming organization has a strong presence in the world of esports. The club also has an active Faze Fortnite roster. It is represented by both solo and duo players. The first gamers were signed in 2018 when all the top Fortnite teams were just being formed, and immediately the players began to bring prize money and cups to the organization’s budget. Both solos and duos were successful. Faze matches have been successful on a regular basis. Esports players have won many tournaments over the years of the roster’s existence. During this time, the players received 3 million dollars as prize money. This makes the Faze ranking one of the best in Fortnite. The team also has very high-profile sponsors. For example, FaZe has signed contracts with Manchester City FC, Nissan, HTC, Verizon, and Wix.


The British esports organization also began its existence in 2018. That’s when the first Cooler line-up began to be assembled. Players joined the club gradually while playing in their first tournaments under this tag. Over time, the gamers became better, and Cooler began to outperform other esports teams in the ranking. The organization’s players were able to successfully reach the finals of the 2019 World Cup. The first place was taken by Cooler players Nyhrox and Aqua. Another organization’s duo stopped at 13th place. The two pairs earned a total of $3 million and $100,000, respectively. Further, the Cooler Fortnite team also made it to the top of tournaments. But in April 2021, the line-up was disbanded. Despite this, Cooler remains one of Fortnite’s leaders in prize money to this day.


The club was founded in 2019 in Austria. The Wave team consisted mostly of German gamers. Players were constantly coming and going, and the roster was regularly renewed. Successful periods and tournament performances alternated with victorious droughts. However, the Wave team still boasts a dozen championships in which the players have made it to the top three. In 2020, the Wave’s gamer, JannisZ, won the Fortnite Champion Series Invitational tournament. The strongest esports players representing the top Fortnite teams fell under his onslaught. The player earned $120,000. Also, the Wave Fortnite gamer under the nickname Flikk took sixth place in that championship, which allowed him to add 40,000 dollars to his personal account. In total, the Wave tagged esports teams and solo players have won over $300,000 in championships.