#TeamКоманда / ПризовыеPro CircuitRatingPrizeLast game
OG $ 34 854 979No Info75.00$ 34 854 97911 months ago
Liquid $ 23 003 225No Info103.44$ 23 003 2251 year ago
PSG.LGD $ 21 927 648No Info1097.20$ 21 927 64811 months ago
EG $ 20 899 992No Info252.50$ 20 899 99211 months ago
TSpirit $ 18 799 063No Info1189.65$ 18 799 06311 months ago
Secret $ 15 202 647No Info360.00$ 15 202 64711 months ago
NewBee $ 13 406 962No Info0.00$ 13 406 9622 years ago
VP $ 11 385 942No Info351.10$ 11 385 94211 months ago
VG $ 10 430 079No Info345.00$ 10 430 07911 months ago
Wings $ 9 727 127No Info0.00$ 9 727 1275 years ago
IG $ 8 092 755No Info350.00$ 8 092 75511 months ago
Alliance $ 5 742 083No Info54.44$ 5 742 08311 months ago
Fnatic $ 4 991 935No Info145.05$ 4 991 93511 months ago
NAVI $ 4 922 752No Info0.00$ 4 922 7521 year ago
TnC $ 4 565 062No Info0.00$ 4 565 0621 year ago
DC $ 4 395 081No Info0.00$ 4 395 0814 years ago
EHOME $ 4 009 127No Info0.00$ 4 009 1271 year ago
CDEC $ 3 609 376No Info0.00$ 3 609 3761 year ago
LGD.FY $ 3 001 406No Info0.00$ 3 001 4064 years ago
MVP $ 2 791 557No Info0.00$ 2 791 5575 years ago


Dota is a team sport. Here it is necessary to assemble a team of five players, as well as find a coach. Dota 2 teams are formed by roles: full support, partial support, hardlaner, carry, and midlaner. Each gamer plays strictly at their position.

Esports teams are constantly participating in various tournaments. Competitions are held very often. Matches are played almost every day. Dota 2 tournaments offer hundreds of thousands of US dollars in prize money to esports players. Some championships, such as The International, have prize pools of more than a million dollars. The prize fund of this competition is tens of millions of dollars. The strongest Dota 2 teams take part in this tournament. Esports players prepare for the championship throughout the calendar year.

The team’s rating is constantly updated in Dota. The game is famous for its great competition. After having a poor performance at only one tournament, the team may lose ground and fall in the table. Therefore, esports players are constantly training to maintain their best form in order to always be on top. If the squad shows unsatisfactory results, it may be completely dissolved, or individual players may be replaced.


DOTA 2 top teams are constantly changing. One team can shoot up, stay on the esports Olympus for a couple of months, and then fall back down just as quickly. Dota 2 players change teams very often, which also affects the positions of teams in the top rankings. The squads often split up due to personal conflicts between gamers who simply do not get along together. But there are constant leaders on the esports scene. Top Dota 2 teams can hold leading positions for years, regularly rank high in tournaments, and have the strongest esports players in the world. These teams have become true legends of the game. They are always in high positions in the Dota 2 team rankings.


Ehome Dota 2 is one of the strongest teams in China as well as in the world. The team began its glorious history in this game in 2011. Back then, the Ehome team reached the final of the first The International tournament. They failed to win, but since then, Ehome has always included the strongest players in China. All gamers from the Celestial Empire dreamed of getting into this team.

Ehome’s recent matches are not that successful. The team has not been showing good results, so the organization made the Dota 2 squad inactive. The updated team will return to the game in the new 2022 season. This practice is used in esports to reboot the team. Building the team from scratch should help Ehome regain its former glory. We should certainly expect them to return to the top Dota 2 teams.


Alliance is another team of “oldies.” The team was formed in 2013. The Alliance Dota 2 team entered the esports sphere very loudly at that time. The team defeated Natus Vincere in the final game of The International 2013 in a hard fight. That match is still considered one of the best in Dota 2 history.

Alliance Dota 2 has always brought together the strongest gamers from Sweden: Loda, S4, AdmiralBulldog, Akke, EGM, Pajkatt, and others. The players have shown very good results throughout the years of the team’s existence. Alliance Dota 2 has many trophies from the most prestigious championships and more than 5 million dollars in prize money. Moreover, the number of cups, as well as the amount of money won, will grow steadily because the Alliance Dota 2 team always strives to win.

Team Secret

Team Secret was founded by Clement Puppey Ivanov. He won The International with Natus Vincere, reached the finals twice, and then created his own team. Team Secret Dota 2 immediately broke into the top of esports, and Puppey became the captain of the new squad.

The team has been showing steadily high results since 2014. The Secret Dota 2 line-up is not frequently updated. The constant player and leader of this Dota 2 team is still Puppey. Such devotion to one team is very rare in esports.

Secret Dota 2 is constantly winning top tournaments. The team consistently ranks high at The International. However, it has not yet been able to win this championship. Their best result was 3rd place in 2021.


Sooner or later, an inspiring movie should be made about the history of the team. OG Dota 2 is the only team in history to win The International twice in a row. It happened in 2018 and 2019, respectively.

The captain of the OG Dota 2 team is Johan n0tail Sundstein. In 2018, the line-up was literally assembled at the last moment before the performance at TI8. At that championship, the team won a sensational victory. In 2019, the same OG Dota 2 line-up was able to repeat their success, forever inscribing their name in the history of esports.

The team has many fans around the world. Fans regularly monitor OG news and watch matches, even if things are not going well for the gamers. Not every top Dota 2 team can boast of such support and affection.