# Team Команда / Призовые Rating Prize Last game
VIT $ 1 285 000 868.80 $ 1 285 000 3 weeks ago
Heroic $ 722 000 666.85 $ 722 000 2 weeks ago
G2 $ 1 011 000 632.95 $ 1 011 000 16 hours ago
ENCE $ 569 500 523.20 $ 569 500 2 weeks ago
FaZe $ 410 000 325.25 $ 410 000 1 week ago
C9 $ 529 000 316.23 $ 529 000 1 day ago
Astralis $ 419 000 277.23 $ 419 000 3 weeks ago
NAVI $ 264 000 265.86 $ 264 000 1 week ago
VP $ 370 000 256.26 $ 370 000 1 day ago
NiP $ 102 916 243.02 $ 102 916 3 weeks ago
GL $ 303 500 224.49 $ 303 500 3 weeks ago
Spirit $ 108 000 126.00 $ 108 000 6 days ago
AUR $ 116 600 96.00 $ 116 600 2 days ago
ITB $ 81 402 93.50 $ 81 402 4 days ago
SAW $ 111 632 83.14 $ 111 632 6 days ago
Apeks $ 177 000 82.68 $ 177 000 1 week ago
OG $ 112 166 74.15 $ 112 166 2 days ago
Monte $ 207 000 68.88 $ 207 000 17 hours ago
MBR $ 694 500 64.97 $ 694 500 13 hours ago
9INE $ 156 405 64.45 $ 156 405 1 day ago


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shooter attracts millions of gamers. The most skilled players join amateur esports teams to get into the professional arena. And one in a thousand gamers succeeds. CS GO teams are assembled from young and promising talents. Then these teams go to tournaments with impressive prize money. The best CS GO teams fight for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of US dollars. The players’ motivation is outrageous, and thanks to this, professional matches are extremely emotional and nervous.

CS GO esports teams are in constant competition. The teams develop new tactics and train their weak cards to surprise their opponents. As a result, the favorite may stumble, and an unexpected club may win the top championship. Looking at the upcoming CS GO tournaments, it is impossible to predict who will become the champion. The balance of power in Counter-Strike is constantly changing. Top 3 CS GO teams regularly push each other off the Olympus. For one tournament, the rating of the strongest teams can change for the worse.


On the professional CS:GO arena, about a dozen teams show the best results in various types of championships. They make up the tier-1 level. Popular CS GO teams get the opportunity to participate in the most prestigious tournaments. There they receive a direct invitation from the organizers – there is no need to pass qualifications.

The top CS GO teams include representatives from different countries. The esports arena for Counter-Strike is strong in the Scandinavian countries, the CIS, and North America. Successful CS GO teams can be assembled from representatives of one state or an international stack. Teams of both formats achieved tops on the professional stage.

Top esports teams in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are financially successful organizations. They have serious sponsors and can pay good salaries to their players. This allows attracting the most skillful player to the roster.


The Danish roster of Astralis CS GO team was formed in 2016. The players of the QuestionMark team, who previously played for Team SoloMid, entered the roster. And that was the start of a great success story. The Danish five Astralis CS GO quickly found their game and began to dominate the professional arena under a new tag. At first, the team won only several championships. Then Astralis won almost all tournaments in which they participated. The team won most of their matches, while all other esports teams were far behind the Danish team. Tournaments of the Major series began to fall one after another into the club’s treasury. At the moment, Astralis CS:GO is the only team that has won 3 Majors in a row.

Team Vitality

The French esports scene has always been quite strong in Counter-Strike. Two top CS GO teams from France were always present in the professional arena. Since 2018, this has been Vitality CS GO. The team included experienced French oldies, diluted with young talents. So ZywOo got into Team Vitality CSGO. In 2019 and 2020, the team was the best player in Counter-Strike.

The team is followed by hundreds of thousands of fans worldwide. People actively cheer for Team Vitality and follow the latest news. Almost always, they are quite positive. The Vitality CS team is one of the leaders in the professional arena. The French consistently win championships, earning millions of dollars in prize money. If Team Vitality CS GO participates in the tournament, bookmakers and analysts consider it one of the favorites.


CSGO OG is an example of a successful international roster. Initially, the team started its journey in Dota, but then in 2019, a roster was formed for Counter-Strike. A bit later the OG line-up included NBK-, Aleksib, valde, ISSAA and mantuu. The players represented France, Denmark, Finland, Poland, and Jordan. And the international roster began to defeat the best CS GO teams. The team has established itself at the tier-1 level and will not leave it. The OG roster shows an exciting game and takes high places in the most prestigious tournaments. The team also brings good money to the budget of the organization. During the performances of the OG CS:GO roster earned over $600,000. At the same time, the roster has remained practically unchanged for more than 2 years.

CS OG players are not in poverty. The club has serious sponsors, and the main one is Red Bull. Thanks to this, players who play for OG esports teams in all disciplines can expect good rewards.


Team Liquid represents American esports in the professional arena. The Liquids assembled their first line-up in early 2015. Since then, about three dozen player have played matches for Team Liquid. Most of them were players from America. Sometimes European gamers also played for Team Liquid.

The team is among the top CS GO teams in their region and the world as a whole. This is achieved through consistent success in the championships. In 2019, Team Liquid’s stats were phenomenal. Then the team won one event after another. If there is a CS GO world tournament in the form of a Major, then the Liquid team goes to it without any problems. There the team is one of the leaders and contenders for the trophy. The same can be said about the upcoming CS GO tournaments.