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Fortnite being a fairly young esports discipline, has already gained a sufficient army of fans. Every year the number of tournaments held for this game is growing, and new players appear, each of which claims to join the list of the top Fortnite players. What is a top? These are the highest lines of a special rating. Yes, there is a Fortnite players rating that details the achievements of esports players who compete in Fortnite. The ones at the top of the list are the best at this game. The rating of Fortnite players is accurate and reliable, as it is formed based on statistics. Fortnite player statistics consider personal achievements, victories, defeats, merit, and other results that players demonstrate in professional competitions. Fortnite players fight for a place in the rankings, which motivates them for further achievements. The rating is often viewed by sponsors and managers who can make an interesting offer to players. That is why all Fortnite players work on their performance. On our website, you have access to the rating and detailed statistics of Fortnite players, which you can check at any time.


As you already understood, Fortnite player statistics allow us to highlight the strongest and most result-oriented players who play this game better than others. The strongest Fortnite players occupy the first lines of the rating. The first few lines of the list are also called Top Fortnite Players. The names that you can see here are probably familiar to you, at least if you follow the world of esports and watch tournament broadcasts. Those players who make up the top Fortnite players are successful people who have built their careers in esports and have earned a lot of money by winning the tournaments. The best Fortnite players inspire fans and esports players with their example, demonstrating that doing what you like can bring pleasure from the game and real money.


So, our list of top Fortnite players is opened by a real esports legend named Kyle Giersdorf. This player is from the USA, and is better known among esports fans under the nickname Bugha. Bugha is a top Fortnite player and probably one of the most famous professional esports players in the world. His career began in 2018 when he joined the No Clout team. But in March 2019, he became a member of the Sentinels team, where he plays today. For Bugha, Fortnite has become a lucrative career. As of today, his fortune is more than 3.5 million dollars. Not a bad result for a player who turned 18 this year, right?


And now we will talk about a man who has become a serious figure in esports and Fortnite in particular. It is all about Tfue, whose results are truly amazing. Tfue is a Fortnite player from the USA who is currently not playing in the professional arena. However, Tfue Fortnite’s statistics are full of achievements for several years to come. For Tfue, Fortnite career began in 2019 when he joined the Faze Clan team. It immediately became clear to teammates and opponents that Tfue is a top-notch player. This was also confirmed by Tfue’s personal results. Soon we will know how his career will develop further. However, with already accomplished achievements, he was able to fight his way to the top of the rating.


David Aqua Wang is one of the most successful players in Fortnite. He is a Fortnite player from Austria who has become incredibly popular thanks to his successful performances in competitions. Aqua has completed tournaments in his favor. Among them are Cash Cups, Platform Cups, and other events. Such victories positively impacted his results, so Aqua is included in top player stats. For Aqua, Fortnite’s career began in 2019. Then he became a member of the COOLER Esport team. He continues to play nowadays in this team and does it very successfully. In 2021, his net fortune reached the amount of $2 million.


Benjy David Fish is a young talent who turned 17 in 2021. Benjyfishy is a Fortnite player from the UK. Benjyfishy’s statistics tell us that we have a rather tough player in front of us, despite his young age. Benjyfishy has a lot of victories on his account, which he brought for his NRG Esports team. For Benjyfishy, Fortnite matches are another opportunity to prove himself, please fans and earn money. Many analysts believe that this player has tremendous perspectives, so they are watching how he will prove himself in the future with interest. But it is already clear that Benjyfishy’s tournaments very often end in his favor and bring him prizes.


Clix is the best Fortnite player today. This phrase could end this story about the legendary player, but it is worth adding a few more sentences. Clix is a Fortnite player who impresses his fans and opponents who simply have no chance of winning. Clix’s stats are almost nothing but win. His prowess in the game is impressive, and his tournament results continue to grow. Clix currently plays for NRG Esports. For Clix, matches are a great opportunity to prove himself as a player, earn money, gain fame, and bring another victory for his team. We will continue following this young but very talented gamer.