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Dota 2

The International 10 – details about the popular Dota 2 tournament

The International 10 – details about the popular Dota 2 tournament

Popular Dota 2 tournament

The International 10 has become the most-watched and popular tournament in Dota2 history. Let’s see the highlights of the event. What Dota 2 teams participated, how great the audience was, and what were some of the most memorable moments.

Major Indicators

Of course, everyone is interested in the number of views of the main final between PSG.LGD and Team Spirit. There were 2.7 million of them. Although this is not a record number, only 5 events have ever had more viewers. It must be said that this statistic does not include viewers from China due to unreliable information.

The total time of views of all matches was 107 million hours. This is 4th indicator in history. Once again, esports, and Dota 2 in particular, confirmed its status as one of the most popular spectacles along with the top sports disciplines. On average, each match was watched by 860 thousand spectators. And this is the 8th result among all esports tournaments.

Interestingly, the European TI10 qualifiers are also among the top 10 most popular esports tournaments. As for the audience in the post-Soviet countries, they also set a record with 1.2 million viewers. This is almost twice as much as the previous TI9 tournament.

Top TI10 tournament matches

During the first days of the tournament, OG’s matches were the most popular. However, Team Spirit subsequently received more views. The spectators watched the actions of the players of this team with great interest. And Spirit’s game with Team Secret surpassed the 2019 finals in terms of the number of views.

There were only 250,000 more viewers in the grand final than in 2018 final. Perhaps that very finale attracted an unexpectedly high number of viewers. But overall, the number at the grand final increased by 700,000 compared to last year’s final. Four of the five most-watched fights were record-breaking in terms of views among Russian-speaking audiences.

Another important indicator that proves the increased popularity of the TI10 tournament is the starting fight that gathered a record audience in comparison with all tournaments of the series. In the future, there was a positive trend in the growth of the number of viewers. From the group stage to the playoffs, the growth ranged from 16% to 35% of the viewers. It started with 837,000 viewers and went as high as 1.5 million.

But the biggest increase in viewership was on the final day of the competition when the grand final was held. The average viewership increased by as much as 92%, and the maximum number increased by 81%. Yes, Dota 2 has the best players, so it’s easy to understand the popularity of their matches.

The most popular teams of the tournament

The Audience Choice Award went to Team Spirit. Team Spirit received the maximum number of views both in terms of total hours and average viewership (around 855,000). Second place went to PSG.LGD. Matches with their participation were watched by an average of 770,000 people. The third place went to Team Secret, with about 550,000 viewers.

Popular languages

The two most popular languages in the tournament are English and Russian. Those are the languages most often used by spectators. The English-speaking audience was leading at first, but the advantage went to the Russian-speaking one closer to the final, with a difference of 45% to 38,5%.
The Grand Final was viewed by about 1.2 million Russian-speaking viewers. The Chinese audience remains the largest, although there is no exact data on its number. In general, Dota 2 tournaments steadily show a positive trend in the growth of popularity. And we’re happy about that!

The International 10 – details about the popular Dota 2 tournament

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