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The Story of Team Spirit’s Victory at the Dota 2 World Championship

The Story of Team Spirit’s Victory at the Dota 2 World Championship

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The Dota 2 World Championship in 2021 ended with the triumph of the Russian team Team Spirit. The prize money of $18.2 million would seem unbelievable to a nonprofessional, but that’s exactly how much the five players of the team received. Let’s find out in detail about the path of the champions and how difficult this victory turned out to be.

Team Spirit: Who Are They?

Team Spirit, with different line-ups, has been participating in three genres of computer games since 2015 – esports Dota 2, CS:GO, and Hearthstone. The main organizer and director of the team, Nikita Chukalin, was previously a player on one of the Dota 2 teams.

The Dota 2 team consists of three Russians, Yaroslav Naidenov, Magomed Khalilov, Alexander Khertek, and two Ukrainians, Ilya Mulyarchuk and Miroslav Kolpakov. The team has been playing and training with this squad for a year. But Kolpakov joined the squad only a few months ago.
Each team member has their own story, but each of them is very skilled. Beating a strong Chinese team in the finals is worth a lot. However, the upcoming Dota 2 tournaments will surely be a successful continuation of this team’s career.

Team Spirit’s Unexpected Success

Team Spirit’s resounding success was a surprise to many. After all, the team had a lot of young players who were playing in the World Championships for the first time. Even the starting games did not inspire much optimism. The team was defeated there. But then they overcame some of the strongest teams in the world. Of course, nobody expected Team Spirit to be this fast.

So, what is the secret of Team Spirit’s success? Many observers agree that the team was highly organized in many aspects. Besides, they had the utmost motivation, and it made them a very competitive team. And even though bookmakers and experts gave preference to the Chinese teams, this did not affect the chances and mood of Team Spirit.
Before the start of each game, all teams work with a psychologist and do physical exercises. In a few days, the players sharpen and refine their techniques, study their opponents and create a game plan.

The key to the team’s success is working with their coach to develop a solid strategy for the tournament and then implementing it in the game. Among the top teams in Dota 2, Team Spirit stood out for its competent and cold-blooded play.
The apogee of the tournament was the final game against PSG.LGD Chinese team, in which Team Spirit won 3:2. According to the coach, the team accomplished everything they required, maintaining the right pace. The players acted aggressively in key episodes, gaining the advantage.

How will the prize money be distributed?

A very interesting question because $18.2 million is not an ordinary amount. According to club rules, up to 20% of the prize money belongs to the club. And the remaining 80% is split equally among the 5 players. As a rule, players buy their own homes and cover the needs of their parents and relatives.

The players themselves have already said where they intend to spend their fees. Mostly they were talking about apartments and cars for themselves and their parents, brothers, and sisters. In any case, the money received is quite enough for such purchases. But this is not the last tournament for the players. Surely they will be even more motivated in future tournaments.

The players say they enjoy competing in tournaments and try to do everything they’ve agreed to with their coach. That’s the result.

Anton Cherepennikov’s Successful Bid

The director of ICS Holding, Anton Cherepennikov, believed in the success of Team Spirit from the very beginning. He backed up his faith by betting 1.5 million rubles on Team Spirit’s triumph at odds of 29. This was the biggest bet made by a Russian bookmaker’s client. The winnings were 43.5 million rubles.
Cherepennikov did not even need the statistics of the Dota 2 teams during the tournament. He simply believed in the success of the winner, for which he received a well-deserved reward. Yes, he bet 3.5 million rubles on another Russian team, Virtus.pro, but they didn’t even make it to the semifinals. Nevertheless, even taking this loss into account, Anton received a solid profit on the results of two bets.

The Story of Team Spirit’s Victory at the Dota 2 World Championship

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