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Hearthstone Twitch Streamer Alliestrasza Got Swatted Live

Hearthstone Twitch Streamer Alliestrasza Got Swatted Live

Hearthstone fans know Alliestrasza as one of the most popular faces in the Hearthstone community. She is a streamer from the U.S., as well as a member of the Fade 2 Karma team. Fans are enjoying her streams, but during a recent one, something unexpected happened that made them worry.
Alliestrasza, along with her family, was swatted while the streamer was playing the online e-Sport live.

What Happened?

On February 9, Alexandra “Alliestrasza” Macpherson was swatted during an e-Sport stream. The fully strapped police were ready to shoot at whoever was threatening the safety of the streamer and her family.
Alliestrasza has been streaming for one hour when the incident occurred. She suddenly heard some noise in her home, and then came back briefly saying “I am being swatted right now, guys”. Three police officers randomly walked into the Hearthstone player’s room afterward. One of them had a shotgun, another had a pistol, while the last one had a riot shield ready. When they entered the room, they pointed their weapons ad Alliestrasza’s camera and checked the whole perimeter.
They looked behind the door, then backed out and stood in the stairway. Then, they left. The full stream is not on her Twitch account anymore, but there are short clips where the police can be seen raiding the streamer’s home. Although the Hearthstone player was not in the room anymore, she came back about 30 minutes later to tell the chat that she was being swatted.
“I am gonna turn the stream off now, the very nice officers are in the house, they are going to take a crime report and take our IDs, I got swatted. I am okay, but yeah, we are all handcuffed and everything. Everything is fine, they are very nice, I am going to leave, and talk to you guys later.”

What Did Alliestrasza Say After the Incident?

Later, Alliestrasza spoke about the incident on Twitter.
“Well, I never thought I would get SWATTED… but alas, here we are. Everything is okay, though. Just a little shaken up with nerves. The officers were great and handled everything very well. They had to take the threat seriously so our whole family was cuffed outside. After assessing the threat wasn’t real, we talked to them & gave them the context that this happens to twitch streamers sometimes. The number of resources that were diverted here was insane, tho.”
Alliestrasza said that apparently, someone called the officers telling them about a person who shot their partner, then locked themselves in the bathroom saying they will shoot anyone who came in. Fortunately, the streamer was okay, and so was her family.
Alliestrasza is a very successful streamer, and because of that, she was often invited to Hearthstone tournaments by Blizzard along with some of the best HS players. Although it’s rare to see her on the Hearthstone match schedule, she may be seen in more tournaments in the future aside from her streaming activity.
Keep an eye on her and the Fade 2 Karma team if you want to see their performance.

Hearthstone Twitch Streamer Alliestrasza Got Swatted Live

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