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BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 Views

On November 28th, the BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 of the autumn part of the season took place. CS:GO matches were broadcasted by popular streaming services. Natus Vincere’s team became the winner for the 3rd time this year. We will find out how popular the tournament was among viewers and how many views it gathered. Let’s say right away that the Chinese audience is not taken into account because special technologies are used to count it.

Tournament matches were viewed by an average of 338,000 viewers. In general, all matches garnered 17 million hours of viewing. That’s the highest number of all the CS:GO tournaments in the BLAST series. Record-breaking numbers were also registered for the maximum number of viewers – 861 thousand. Previously, the maximum was fixed at around 688 thousand. That is, we can definitely say that the popularity of the competition is growing.
For years, the English-speaking and Russian-speaking audience has been among the leaders. The Portuguese language is in third place. The French audience is the fourth, and the Vietnamese audience is the fifth.

Top Teams

The most popular team at the tournament was NAVI, with an average of 482,000 viewers. Although now the most famous team is Natus Vincere, winning the titles one by one. We can say that the popularity of this team will only grow in the near future.
The French team has left the Ukrainian team behind in the total number of viewings, with 380 thousand views. This happened due to the fact that the French played an extra match.

Online spectator platforms

As expected, streaming clearly dominated over other broadcast and coverage platforms for BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021. Streaming accounted for 75% of total viewer time. Also, it was not surprising that the popular video service YouTube came in second place with 17.5% of hours watched. The third place went to the Asian-Brazilian TV channel, which gathered the remaining 7.5% of the total time views.

The other platforms did not even get 2,000 viewers. This is quite a predictable result, considering the lack of live broadcasts and other video content for this event on their websites. Viewers from different countries prefer to watch the esports CS:GO matches, but the main audience, nevertheless, is connected with the nationality of the tournament participants.

The progress of BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021 is evident. If we compare the interest of the audience in the tournament with the past seasons, we will see a positive trend. The average number of viewers was 338,000 in 2021. The average number of views was 248 thousand in 2020. That is, we can see that many viewers are interested in CS:GO esports. And the number of views is growing noticeably.
We will mark the Brazilian teams with active fans, thanks to which we got such a convincing figure. The peak and average viewing figures were largely provided by the aforementioned NAVI team. One can hope that the upcoming CS:GO tournaments in this series will continue to break records in terms of the number of viewers.

The final round of BLAST 2021 will start on December 14th. There will be 8 teams competing for $1 million. There’s no doubt that the interest in this event will be just as global. After all, the strongest teams will be fighting.

BLAST Premier Fall Finals 2021

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