Today, it is difficult to find a person on our planet who hasn’t heard about the game Fortnite. Indeed, in recent years, this game of the battle royale genre has made its way to the top of the online game rankings and has become incredibly popular. Millions of people around the world regularly log in to the game regularly to challenge other gamers and become the best at this battle royal. Fortnite inflames players with excitement and a desire to prove to opponents who are in charge here. This is exactly the kind of feeling a battle royal is supposed to evoke. With the nice cartoon graphics and addictive gameplay, you receive the formula for a successful online game.

  • Developer: Epic Games, People Can Fly
  • Release date:July 21, 2017
  • Announcement date:December 10, 2011

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Features of Fortnite

Now, let’s talk about how the battle royale itself takes place. A hundred players parachute from a flying bus to different locations in the open world. This world has forests, lakes, settlements, various lake buildings, and randomized structures. The winner of this battle will be the one who can stay alive longer than others. To increase the chances of victory, players must arm and equip themselves. They can find various weapons on the map, as well as items that will make their lives easier. It should be remembered that time plays an important role. The map is shrinking with every minute. This does not allow players to relax and forces them to always be on the move and seek cover. The rules are quite simple, which allows newcomers to quickly get used to the world of Fortnite. After playing for a few hours, you can already get a good experience that will allow you to dominate the map. Top players can even sign up for upcoming Fortnite tournaments.

With such serious competitive potential, the game simply couldn’t avoid becoming one of the most popular and mainstream esports disciplines of our time. It’s no wonder that the best Fortnite players go into esports, where they try to build a career as professional gamers. They break into top esports tournaments, fighting for big cash prizes and worldwide fame. The Fortnite match schedule is quite tight. Every year there are many competitive events. Esports tournaments are held in a variety of formats, ranging from single fights, duos, trios, and ending with squads of 4 people. The best players climb to the top of the leaderboard and qualify for the grand finale, where they can win a large sum of money. For example, the size of the prize fund for the 2019 World Championship reached $30 million.